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real nike dunk vs nike dunk reps

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  real nike dunk vs nike dunk reps Identifying True or False Shoes Bullet 22: nike dunk reps Navy Blue: A Comparison of True and False Shoes

 real nike dunk vs nike dunk reps

  Hello everyone, family! I have come to share the method of distinguishing between real and fake shoes again. Today I am sharing with you the Nike Dunk Navy Blue (hereinafter referred to as Dunk Navy Blue) shoe. Although the panda color scheme has an absolute advantage in sales, the oxidized navy blue upper sole of this shoe has a similar effect to pandas, and the shoe collision rate on the street is also much lower. So today we will learn the method for distinguishing true and false Dunk Navy Blue. My family members who have read my article understand that my method of distinguishing between genuine and fake shoes is to use a pair of genuine shoes and two pairs of market goods to compare a series of details. This method is the simplest and easiest to understand. So this time is no exception, let's continue to use this method for explanation.Without further ado, we will directly enter the dry goods phase.

Nike Dunk Navy Blue reps How to distinguish?

  1. Side, Genuine Comparison:

  Looking at the profile of the shoes, the authentic ones are relatively slender and do not appear fat on the feet. Market A and B: The shoe styles of both are bulky and lack the taste of genuine products.

  2. Shoe toe, genuine comparison:

  Look at the shape of the shoe toe and the color difference of navy blue leather core. The color of the leather can be customized, but the color of the leather core cannot be fake.Market A: The entire toe of the shoe is too long and awkward;Market B: The toe of this shoe has almost become square.Under the same light source, there is a significant color difference between the leather core of both and the genuine product.

  3. Shoe laces, genuine comparison:

  Look at the texture, width, and color difference of the white shoelaces (under the same light source).Market A: The texture of the shoelaces is completely different from the genuine ones, which is clearly not the original shoelaces;Market B: The shoelaces are a bit wider than the genuine ones.Under the same light source, there is a color difference between the shoelaces and the genuine ones.

  4. Tongue, genuine comparison:

  Look at the font shape and color (under the same light source)Markets A and B: It can only be said that without comparison, there is no harm. When placed together with authentic products, the difference is not just a little bit.

  5. Shoe opening, genuine comparison:

  Shoe cuffs are the most overlooked and important area, and if done wrong, the foot feel will be different.Market A and B: The shoelaces of both are made thick and wide, which is really deadly.

  6. Heel, genuine comparison:Look at the overall shape of the heel and the font of the brand logo.PS: There are also differences in the size and position of NIKE for the same pair of genuine products (please refer to the comparison picture of the left and right legs of the genuine products later)Market A and B: The heel shape of both is completely different from the genuine product, and the font of the logo is also thin and not thick enough.

  7. Toe side, genuine comparison:

  Check the color difference of the wiring and leather material (under the same light source)This difference is too obvious. Without careful explanation, my family will understand it by looking at the picture.

  8. Big Sword, Genuine Comparison:

  Here's the leather material and the color difference of the wiring (under the same light source).The gap is too obvious, no need to explain.

  9. Sole, genuine comparison:

  The old rule is to look at color difference (under the same light source)

  10. Sole logo, genuine comparison:

  The edges and corners of authentic fonts are slightly rounded, with "K" and "E" connected.Market A: The font corners are too rounded, and "K" and "E" are not connected;Market B: The font is too thick.Okey, the above 10 sub nodes are the methods for distinguishing the authenticity of Dunk Navy Blue shoes. I have shared them all with you. If there is anything else you don't understand, feel free to ask at any time. Thank you for your support and viewing. We will see you next time~!

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