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Fake Jordan 4 military black reps for flat replacement of white cement

Jul 18, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 67 | 0

  For decades, numerous Dunk shoe styles have adopted popular color schemes, textures, and prints, making them classics. This Dunk Low fake jordan 4 military black continues the classic. Adopting a striking black and white color scheme, paired with speckled ink, and meticulously combining multiple materials that showcase Nike's design essence, creating a self quilted visual effect that pays tribute to various popular elements of the past. This shoe is made of high-quality materials to create an outstanding appearance, aimed at paying tribute to the past while showcasing future style through a bold design.

Fake Jordan 4 military black reps for flat replacement of white cement

  This time, the editor explained that from the top foot picture, this AJ4 is very similar to the classic cement color scheme. The midsole splash element and red part have been removed, and the black and white gray shoe body has basically reached the level of white cement replacement. It's like planting grass and trees at a glance? Today, let's take a look together


What is the reason for fake jordan 4 military black being launched?

  The Air jordan 4 military black reps " is available today with color blocks similar to the "Military Blue" version, but all blue details will be replaced with black. The rest of the shoe features a white leather sole with a neutral gray overlay. White, black, and gray will all appear on the rubber outsole.

  The latest color scheme ' jordan 4 military black reps ' of the Air Jordan 4 has been exposed,Following the 'Canyon Purple', the Air Jordan 4 quickly continued to feature a new color scheme called ' jordan 4 military black reps '. This shoe first received spy photos in the autumn of 2021 and is expected to debut this spring/summer. The overall design continues the same theme of 'Military Blue', based on an all white leather upper, injecting black into the heel patch, plastic eyelets, tongue Jumpman logo, midsole connection, and other areas to create a contrast, The suede material on the toe of the shoe is also a detail.

    In fact, the fundamental reason is still due to the high appearance value, and there are not a few players who truly get started.The entire pair of shoes is crafted in simple black, white, and gray to create a color scheme that resembles "white cement".The biggest difference lies in the removal of the red part in the color scheme and the splashing ink design on the midsole.The overall visual effect is naturally not as rich as the design of "white cement", but it should be noted that the market price of "white cement" reproduced in 2016 is already quite high.Being able to purchase this pair of "Little White Cement" as a replacement for the foot this year is also a great choice to save money.

  Finally, the classic elements of splashing ink can be preserved on the shoe box. I don't know how much can you rate this appearance?

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