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Girls' Super Loved Beautiful Shoes/Nike Dunk Collection UNC Jordan Dunk Reps

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  Super Loved Beauty Shoes Today, we will continue to briefly share a pair of good shoes with high appearance for girls.


Nike Dunk Low UNC jordan dunk reps hot?

  In the past two years, the popularity of the Nike UNC jordan dunk repshas once again warmed up. After summer, this shoe undoubtedly became the top choice for many boys and girls to wear on a daily basis, making this retro shoe the strongest sound of summer.

  Previously, Nike took inspiration from the familiar University of North Carolina as its inspiration to create the Nike Dunk Low UNC, featuring both men's and women's themes. Among them, the female specifications have attracted the attention of many female friends, and from the perspective of the foot lifting effect, it is indeed commendable.

Recently, a Nike Dunk UNC best dunk reps theme was once again exposed online. Unlike before, this design uses a reversed color scheme for appearance presentation, which is exciting to try. It is worth mentioning that the Nike logo on the tongue embroidery label, insole, and heel is embellished with dark blue for details. Moreover, it is reported that this Nike Dunk UNC jordan dunk reps will also be made available in women's specifications. The white frame and Swoosh design feature a light blue leather base on the shoe body. The upper is covered with leather material, and the color scheme is reversed, continuing the freshness of North Carolina Blue.

What is Nike Dunk Low Reverse North Carolina?

  The classic North Carolina blue color scheme, with a reverse design, is classic and retro overall, simple and versatile, with the foundation of good-looking shoes. However, some materials are made of patent leather, which may lack texture, but overall it has little impact on girls' daily casual wear. At present, the original price is around, and with the support of North Carolina Blue, the cost-effectiveness is very high. The Nike SB Dunk Low "Reverse UNC" shoe has an extremely unique color scheme, inspired by the success of the UNC color scheme on other shoes. Therefore, Nike has decided to launch a reverse color scheme version.

  The Nike SB Dunk Low "Reverse UNC jordan dunk reps shoe features a North Carolina blue leather upper with a white frame embellishment.The Swoosh on the side of the shoe is also made in white, giving the shoe a more layered feel.The heel of the shoe is embroidered in sapphire blue with the words "NIKE".The sole part features a pure white midsole paired with a North Carolina blue color scheme for the shoe's final design. Nike Nike Dunk SB x Air Jordan 1 Low UNC Co branded North Carolina Blue Low Top Shoe. The NIKE SB on the tongue and sockliner reflects Skate shoe details with built-in cushioning. Designed by legendary skater Eric Koston, signed by Nike, the upper is presented in North Carolina Blue. In addition to various popular color scheme improvements this year, Dunk also frequently plays another flower trick that some shoe enthusiasts have noticed, which is the reverse design. This Dunk new model has chosen the classic blue and white color scheme as the theme, and the design still follows the familiar reverse processing. You can see all the details, which one do you prefer better

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