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Handsome and explosive best off white dunk reps

Jul 21, 2023 | bgosneakers | Best Dunk Reps | 0 | 34 | 0

  Today, let's talk about the best off white dunk reps shoe

Handsome and explosive best off white dunk reps

  Ow co branded best dunk reps color scheme details?

➡️ The 50, as the name suggests, consists of 50 pairs of OW Dunk low in different color schemes;

➡️ Except for the beginning and end, 01&50 are presented in a unique black and white color, with the remaining main bodies all in a gray white color scheme; The tongue, laces, and Zip Tie come in different colors;

➡️ The upper material is divided into two categories and distinguished by different item numbers.

  This year's collaboration between OFF-WHITE and Nike has not received much attention, but the first exposure of OFF-WHITE in June ×  The FUTURA x Nike Dunk tripartite collaboration has received high attention. Subsequently, it was revealed that three pairs of OFF-WHITE x Nike Dunk Low would debut in October. Recently, the strong deconstruction properties of the shoe account Virgil have made these shoes more in line with the aesthetic of modern young people. Ow co branded dunk low color scheme details

  This high value green version has a very handsome upper foot effect. The retro green and white leather complement each other, paired with the Off White iconic lettering, orange shoelace system, and orange tag, showcasing the vintage dunk style. The exposed sponge tongue of the shoe brings a rough and unrestrained beauty. The Dunk SB Low has become a hot shoe this year. The new co branding features a white and green tone, with the same design style as the previously exposed tripartite co branding, but the color scheme has been changed to solid. The dual shoelace system continues this year's representative style, paired with bright pink shoelaces. While maintaining the Dunk SB Low street attributes, Virgil's strong deconstructive properties make this pair of shoes more in line with the aesthetic of modern young people.

Other styles of best off white dunk reps

  Handsome! Off White x Nike Dunk "Cloudy Clouds" Special Edition Exposed, Strong Taste The top-notch sneaker customization store ANT KAI, which has done a great job, recently released a new pair of Nike Dunks with a "THE 10" style. Looking at this physical item, it should be named "Cloudy Sky and White Clouds", which is also the sixth customized shoe with the theme of "Sky+Clouds".

  The reason for naming this pair of shoes is that their design inspiration was indeed derived from the real-life scenery of a cloudy day in Seattle. The upper is based on gray color, with dark white clouds around the swoosh and upper

How to wash "ow co branded dunk low"?

  If the area of pollution is large, a small amount of water can be used in conjunction with a cloth to wipe off the dirt. It is not recommended to frequently wash tourism shoes, as washing leather items with water can affect the overall lifespan of the shoes.

  The cleaning of light colored shoes, especially white sports shoes, is relatively troublesome. Generally, dirt can also be wiped with clean water, but it often cannot be wiped clean or spreads pollution. It is recommended to use a specialized cleaning solution to handle it. When searching for a large amount of cleaning agents in online stores, most of them are used for dry cleaning.

  If you want to take nearby materials, it is recommended to use toothpaste or laundry detergent, a small amount is enough, and evenly apply it to the shoes with your fingers

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