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How did Nike create the Nike Jordan 4 military black reps

Jul 17, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 29 | 0

  Today, the editor of the Nike jordan 4 reps military black reps will reveal this pair of shoes to everyone

How did Nike create the Nike Jordan 4 military black reps

What is the relationship between Nike and Jordan?

  Jordan is a sub brand of Nike. Nike rose in the late 1980s, when they signed a contract with Jordan. Jordan had just entered the league and paid a lot of money to pay fines, so that Jordan could wear the red basketball shoe Air Jordan 1, which was banned by the NBA at the time. Therefore, these shoes sold very well. Since then, Nike has become a leader in the sports goods industry and surpassed Adidas. Of course, Nike will continue to provide iconic shoes for Jordan. Later on, the Jordan series of products became more and more popular, so we simply used the Flying Man logo as a trademark and established Nike's sub brand, Flying Man Jordan. Due to Jordan's own attractiveness, AJ quickly gained popularity and love from consumers. AIR JORDAN series sports shoes are far ahead of other products in terms of sales volume and market demand. Every year, it sets a higher benchmark for the design, innovation and functions of the entire sports shoes industry. The core of this series is to combine the athletes and technology of the most dazzling superstar in basketball history with the basketball shoes that have accompanied the superstar through a brilliant career, highlighting his focus on functions The relentless pursuit of innovation and achievement.

How is the jordan 4 military black reps set up?

  The Air fake jordan 4 military black , created by Nike legendary designer Tinker Hatfield, features plastic mesh on both sides of the shoe, four iconic lace support buckles, TPU heel, and a visible midsole unit. This basketball shoe, born in 1989, is 30 years away 

  In the original Air jordan 4 military black reps shoe, there have been four color schemes available, and this upcoming replica version can be said to cleverly integrate the four shoe body features from the original version. Black and white are colors that will never go out of style, and Jordan Brand happens to have appeared in The differences between Nike and AJ include: different colors, different functions, different logos, different products produced, different names, different affiliations, different price positioning, and different designs.

  Color difference: Compared to Nike shoes, AJ shoes have a more textured color.Function difference: Some NIKE shoes use cutting-edge carbon fiber sheets, while AJ does not use this function. The logo is different: Nike's logo is a small hook, while AJ's logo is a basketball doll.

  The products produced are different: NIKE's sports products involve various aspects such as clothing, footwear, and sports equipment, while AJ mainly focuses on footwear. Name difference: NIKE is a world-renowned sports brand, originally referring to the Greek goddess of victory in English, and translated as Nike in Chinese; AJ's full name is AirJordan, and the Chinese name is Air Jordan.

  Different affiliations: AJ is a sub product of NIKE; Nike is the headquarters of AJ, and air pilots are related to Michael Jordan, the most famous NBA player in Nike history. Different price positioning: AJ shoe body adopts a one-time molding process, which is high in cost and also high in price, making it a high-end series of NIKE; Nike's production process is a bit complex, but the cost is low and the selling price is low.

  Design difference: The AJ outsole uses solid traction and excellent flexibility, while the grooves are designed to mimic the natural movements of human legs; The unique weaving technology and standard carbon fiber developed by the Jordan brand will not change, but the size and shape are different.

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