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How hot is best Travis Scott dunk reps

May 11, 2023 | bgosneakers | Best Dunk Reps | 2 | 32 | 0

  Many friends would like to learn about the tripartite collaboration of Travis Scott Dunk  reps And its charm lies in it. Today, I will introduce it to you.

How hot is best Travis Scott dunk reps

Why is best Travis Scott reps so hot?

  Firstly, its shoe box, the Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low, adopts a color box design. The lining of this shoe also uses cashew flower elements, echoing the main theme of this time.
  The shoe has also been treated with a mandarin duck on the inner and outer sides at the Swoosh, with the outer side highlighted in navy blue and the inner side highlighted in iconic pink. The shoe has also undergone an inner and outer mandarin duck treatment at the Swoosh, with the outer side displayed in navy blue and the inner side in iconic pink. However, compared to the pink shoelaces with "barbs", the pink color of the shoe is lighter, so that it looks no different from white when exposed. Simultaneously. There are two replacement options for matching shoelaces: pink and navy blue, which can be chosen according to one's own preferences.

  This hemp rope shaped shoelace. This way, the shoe becomes even more unique. The thickened tongue and upper of the best Travis Scott dunk reps are treated with anti furring, and the logo of Travis Scott on the tongue also highlights the identity of this collaboration. At the insole, the cashew flower was also printed on it. The details are the most gripping aspect of this pair of Travis.

  It's a hot selling item for sb dunks reps

Do you have any other color schemes for Travis Scott dunk

  The best Travis Scott dunk repsother accessories for this shoe Blue white cashew flower, gray black cashew flower, pink cashew flower, etc.

Get started feeling

  Very cool, resistant to dirt, comfortable to the feet, and versatile in color. It's a bit retro and looks great. It can be matched with skirt, cargo pants, casual pants, jeans, and can be matched with cool and cute at will, which is super beautiful.It's the best many people bought it multiple times best dunk reps

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