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How to distinguish nike SB dunk reps under yours feet | Interpretation!

Aug 29, 2023 | bgosneakers | Hot Sale Reps | 0 | 21 | 0

  As is well known, last year was an absolute year for DUNK. From last year until now, in addition to classic color schemes such as Raygun and PLUM, there have also been textbook style color schemes such as Safari and Air Max 90 Infrared, as well as Off White ™、 New and exciting works such as Strange Love, Ben&Jerry's, and Greatful Dead. These sneakers have repeatedly focused the attention of sneaker enthusiasts on DUNK, and the era that truly belongs to DUNK has arrived. From the historical perspective of DUNK SB (officially referred to as SB DUNK by Nike in recent years, in order to maintain professionalism, SB DUNK will appear in the following text), we bring you content about SB DUNK from the various elements of this year's big fire.

How to distinguish nike SB dunk reps under your feet | Interpretation!

  When it comes to the shoe shape of SB Dunk, we still need to start with the original Dunk. Dunk gained the favor of many skaters at that time due to its high cost-effectiveness and excellent sense of control. Therefore, to some extent, Dunk can be competent in the sport of skateboarding, and the subsequent Dunk Pro B and SB Dunk are targeted modifications based on Dunk to make it more suitable for skateboarding.

  If the SB Dunk is defined as "a Dunk shoe that has been modified and strengthened for skateboarding purposes"!

How to distinguish?

  Shoe types can be roughly divided into several types: the most common shoe types on the market now are Dunk and SB Dunk's new and old shoe types. Therefore, we also bring a comparison of these three types of shoes: the upper Both the new and old shoe styles of the Nike Dunk Low and Nike SB Dunk Low can be said to be of the same lineage, not only reflected in the word Dunk, but also in the almost identical shoe shape and upper. The most iconic feature of the SB Dunk is the thick tongue on the shoe body, which is the most intuitive difference between the two. The SB Dunk was born for skateboarding, so in addition to the thick tongue, the SB Dunk also added a Zoom Air unit to the back of the insole and a piece of foam to the forefoot, while the Dunk used a regular version of the insole. The outsole, like the tongue of the shoe, is the most obvious symbol of the new and old SB Dunk shoe styles. The old SB Dunk uses the same coarse grain outsole as the Dunk, while the new SB Dunk uses a finer but denser grain design. At the same time, the outer sole of the Dunk and the old SB Dunk is integrated, while the new SB Dunk has a piece of foam hollowed out in the middle of the outer sole. At the same time, the central Nike and SWOOSH of the new SB Dunk have been cancelled ® The symbol for the registered trademark has the word SB added below Swoosh. Another difference between the new and old versions of SB Dunk is the lace hole design at the toe of the shoe. The old version of the shoelace hole was made of horizontally reinforced leather covering the vertically reinforced leather, while the new version was made of vertically reinforced leather covering the horizontally reinforced leather, and the structure of the shoelace hole was double-layered.

  The difference between the new and old SB Dunks is that the new SB Dunk incorporates Achilles tendon protection in the heel, which is the partition shown in the picture. The old model has a regular fill design on the heel, without any partitions.

  Interestingly, the Nike SB Dunk Low Panda Pigeon released in 2017 used the new SB Dunk design for the upper and heel padding, but the sole used the old SB Dunk design. The author speculates that this design is because this pair of shoes involves the process of printing on the inner wall of the crystal sole, and the difficulty or presentation effect of using the new sole may not be satisfactory. But like 'Black Dove', the replica version of 'Dove' is all set with the new SB Dunk shoe shape, which is why we were able to witness this new SB Dunk shoe with both sides and soles. At the same time, there are changes between the tongue of the new and old SB Dunk shoe models. The old tongue usually only has the words' NIKE SB ', while the new shoe model adds a line of' DUNK LOW PRO 'under the words' nike dunk reps'.

  Representing the top craftsmanship of footwear, it is usually expected to have corresponding improvements compared to the regular version of the SB Dunk. The Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low PRM, as we are familiar with, is a shoe of this level. Whether it's sneaker enthusiasts or experienced Dunk collectors, Pro level Dunks are definitely not unfamiliar. Pro is the most well-known suffix for Dunk shoes, but no one can define what it represents. Pro, as the name suggests, is the abbreviation for Professional, but we have seen this suffix on any shoe type or Dunk with cushioning systems. Some people online say that Pro and Prm exist in opposition, that is, neither Pro nor Prm. But when we saw the recent release of the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Prm "Shashiko" and the older Brooklyn Projects x Dunk Low Pro Prm SB "Walk Of Fame," the rumors between Pro and Prm were self defeating. http://CO.JP Representing Concept Japan, it is a shoe produced by Nike specifically for the Japanese region. The most famous representatives are the Nike Dunk Low "PLUM", "Ceramic", "Veneer", and "Viotech" that have been reproduced this year. IW is the abbreviation for the name of the famous skater Ishod Wair. IW shoes can be seen as a derivative of SB Dunk, representing the meaning of "skater signature style". The most iconic feature of the IW shoe is the use of a thinner lining and the upgrade of the insole to a honeycomb shape. Afterwards, the IW and Elite branches declined, but their iconic honeycomb insoles were passed down.Warmth, as the name suggests, is a warm version, more of a series than a suffix

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