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Summer yeezy slide reps for sales ranking top three yeezy foam

Jun 28, 2023 | bgosneakers | yeezy slides reps | 0 | 10 | 0

  Winter is coming to an end, looking forward to the bright summer sun. We still have a few pairs of yeezy slides reps and foam in stock at home. I really want to hurry up and go out and have a chat with everyone today 


How does this pair of shoes look?

  yeezy slide reps for sale ranking top three yeezy foam" width

  Firstly, the appearance is truly ugly, at least at first glance. However, when receiving the actual product, there is an indescribable feeling that the more you look, the uglier you become, and the more you want to see it. However, from a top-down perspective, it's still quite cool.

  In terms of design, it is undoubtedly bold and confident, which is also Kanye's style. It is estimated that when Adi saw the design manuscript, people would be foolish.

  There's nothing to say about the box, it's getting more and more minimalist, hahaha.

  Wearing experience, it may not be easy to put on for the first time, but fortunately, the flexibility on both sides of the shoe opening is good. I bought a size larger and put it on two more times to feel like a kick, but it is not easy to fall off. I have already put it on and played ball. Moderate softness and hardness

Why yeezy slide reps for sales ranking top three yeezy foam?

  Focus. Steven Smith, an innovator in the footwear field, once talked about Kanye West's working environment and working methods in an interview. In order to stay away from the disturbance of celebrities and paparazzi, Kanye West moved its studio to the remote Wyoming, where the creators in clothing, shoes, music and other fields gathered, providing designers with an inspiring environment and free space, Steven Smith also revealed that there are 1700 completed YEEZY design drawings in his iPad.

  When other brands are replicating classics and busy creating co branded products, YEEZY is the only brand to innovate in the footwear field, and the YEEZY series of shoes over the years are good examples. The emergence of  yeezy slide reps for sale YEEZY Foam Runner has simplified the shoe making process compared to sports shoes with multiple cutting pieces and various sewing processes. This integrated and futuristic design not only accelerates production efficiency, but also saves unnecessary labor for OEM, minimizing the cost of shoes. The Global Biodiversity Outlook, with the goal of "environmentally friendly shoe making," points out that most future prediction plans predict that a large number of organisms will go extinct within this century, and various organisms will continue to be lost in large numbers. The decline of some related ecosystem services is closely related to human well-being. With frequent forest fires, the prediction of mass extinction, and the global rage of COVID-19, human beings are facing more and more environmental challenges, so environmental protection has become a hot issue of global concern.

  When yeezy slide reps for sale YEEZY Foam Runner first appeared at the summit, Kanye West and design director Steven Smith stated that they would greatly promote the shaping of environmentally friendly materials, hoping to aim for environmentally friendly shoe making in the future. The Foam Runner just fulfills this commitment and becomes the first shoe to use the integrated foam rubber derived from "algae". Even the size of the shoe box has been reduced, reducing material production and unnecessary resource consumption. Compared with previous products, the Foam Runner has fewer tags and paper boards, and information such as shoe names and size marks are directly printed on the inside of the shoe box. Satisfy the consumption mentality of 'no one, I have' Although the production process of YEEZY Foam Runner is simple, and a pair can be produced in less than 30 minutes, Kanye West still has some control over the production, and adopts the consistent Hunger marketing strategy, which makes it difficult to find a pair of shoes after sale. The sale price is more than 500, and the second-hand market once sold more than 4000 pairs. It is this sale strategy that greatly stimulates the consumer mentality of "no one has me".

  Coupled with YEEZY Foam Runner's innovative and forward-looking exterior design, it is highly recognizable while also highly personalized, and more in line with the preferences of young trendsetters.

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