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The best yeezy slide on Amazon is actually yeezy foam

Jun 20, 2023 | bgosneakers | yeezy slides reps | 1 | 12 | 0

  The best-selling product on  best yeezy slide reps on amazon. Why is that? Let's take a look together

The best yeezy slide on Amazon is actually yeezy foam

  Since its exposure in 2019, the first color scheme was released in the spring and summer of 2010, and multiple different color schemes have been launched this year. After three years, once launched, it is still available in seconds. It is not an Air Jordan, nor is it a rare co branded product, but the YEEZY Foam Runner launched by YEEZY. Due to its hot sales, it has become a truly popular model in the past two years.

Why is yeezy slides reps Foam Runner so popular among numerous brands and products?

  In 2019, YEEZY Foam Runner made its debut at the Fast Company Innovation Festival Summit. At the Fast Company Innovation Festival Summit, Kanye West and YEEZY Design Director Steven SmithKanye West appeared wearing the YEEZY Foam Runner at the ASTROWORLD 2019 music festival. The reason why the Foam Runner became popular was not only because it was a product launched by Kanye West, but also with the support of YEEZY Design Director and legendary sneaker designer Steven Smith.

  The editor has always wanted to buy a pair of yeazy foam to try, mainly because he likes the appearance, while the other few yeazy models don't have a strong feeling of excitement. But I haven't been able to grab it. Recently, the price has increased a bit, so I bought a pair and tried it out

How does it feel to wear it?

  The shoe box is very simple, and there is no printed word on the outside. It is not a pull-out shoe box with the word YZY on the inside. This shoe is called a runner, and I only found out after wearing it that it can also be used for running. The overall color of yeezy foam is good, and some designs may feel very swollen. Each has their own preference for cabbage and radish. This way of looking, the entire shoe feels tightened upwards and narrower as it goes up. This is for better wrapping, without laces, it can only increase the wrapping feeling.

  From the side, you can see that the overall shape of the yeezy foam has a sense of fluid flow, and there are also some breathable holes, but the breathability is still average.

  The heel is raised, and many running shoes are also designed in this way. It looks like it's not easy to get in, with such a small ankle opening. The toe of the shoe is not sharp, giving a chubby feeling. The sole has wavy patterns to ensure a certain degree of anti yeezy slides reps

  Yeezy foam doesn't have insoles, it's made of EVA and is very soft. The shoe logo is attached to it. A single shoe weighs only 246g, while a yeezy foam is actually a pair of running shoes without shoelaces. The overall feel of the feet is very soft, especially the heel, which can clearly feel sinking and rebound. Many people wear a yeezy foam barefoot and wear it on their ankles, some even on the heel. In fact, this design is meant to wear socks. At first glance, it looks very ugly, and it feels like a crustacean in the water, which is very strange, It's completely different from traditional sandals.

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