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What is the relationship between starwalk and nice bape sta reps ?

Aug 23, 2023 | bgosneakers | Hot Sale Reps | 1 | 25 | 1

  Don't make a mistake! This is not Bapesta! Starwalk's new sneaker "draws on the strengths of others"!?

What is the relationship between starwalk and  nice bape sta reps ?

  The shoes introduced by the editor today are very visually deceptive. Firstly, the appearance of the Low Top Air Force One, coupled with a meteor like shoe side logo, can easily lead people to misunderstand it as Bapesta's new sneakers. In fact, these two sneakers are Starwalk, a self branded sneaker from former UZi member, director and musician Gab3. In addition to their appearance, the color scheme of these two shoes is also very misleading, with analysis suggesting that their inspiration comes directly from Jordan Brand's Royal Blue and 'no wear' Bred color schemes. Under this condition of "drawing on the strengths of others", these two shoes are priced at $210 and will be released in late May.

What do you think of such a design?

  What is the relationship between starwalk and bag? The relationship between them belongs to the playing relationship, where there is an acute turn. Through this elastic relationship, it can directly connect with the difference between bapesta and starwalk

  The top is the starwalk, and the bottom is the bapesta. The biggest difference between the two shoe styles is the star logo on the side, which is very noticeable. Let's compare and see, in fact, the creative inspiration for the bapesta and starwalk shoes is AF1, and the appearance of the shoes also looks very similar. Currently, it can be said that they are niche brands, with many celebrities bringing goods to their feet.Daily Doubts: Starwalk

Why would someone say this is a plagiarism of the Air Force?

  It's clearly plagiarism from Bape Sta And the Bape Sta of that year even affected the development of the Air Force, and this starwalk... Why draw inspiration from the Bapestar of Air Force One, where Starwalk is deeply loved by trendsetters, while Return is being criticized by people? Starwalk is an independent brand of American rappers, created according to the shoe shape. And some of them got caught up in the heat. Like Lightning X Storm, he copied Vans with a celebrity on his feet, but did the shoes he also copied with a comeback have a celebrity on his feet? Moreover, he is already a brand without innovation, so he was criticized Share a few pairs of starwalks that you really like. Put them on and you'll be an old og. Compare them nice bape sta reps

How to put it?

  I still feel that the Air Force is relatively comfortable to wear, perhaps because Starwalk bought it a bit too big

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