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YEEZY SLIDE PURE Summer Essential

Jun 16, 2023 | yeezy slides reps | 0 | 12 | 0

  yeezy slide pure reps, jointly created by Didas Originals and Kanye West, has been very popular since its launch. The "Pure", "Glow Green", and "Onyx" color schemes are available simultaneously. Whether you prefer iconic earth colors or personalized fluorescent colors, you can find the best combination in this series as a choice for going out this summer.

YEEZY SLIDE PURE Summer Essential

  As a ground color scheme, 'Pure' has always been popular among fans, with great recognition and unique texture. Glow Green "is paired with hot summers, bringing freshness and vitality during the scorching heat. The 'Onyx' is even more trendy and versatile, with a minimalist design that accentuates the high-end feel of the outfit.Are you interested? Let's take a look together Is there a difference between coconut slippers bone and yeezy slide pure reps

  The difference between coconut slippers bone and pure is:

  1. Color comparison: Bone is clearly cream white, but comparison shows that pure is called bean paste color. The actual body of the bone is much more stunning than before when I saw the online image. It's not just a simple white color, but a retro cream color,
  2. Size: Coconut slippers bone is two sizes larger than pure daily size

How do you choose the size for yeezy slide pure reps?

  Is it larger or smaller Personal condition: Flat feet, low instep, flat feet, bare feet about 230 long (feet on both sides are slightly different in length), tail fingers slightly deformed after injury.Size 38.5, the tail finger of size 38 will have a slight toe. Sisters with bent or thick calves should not try it easily. This shoe type is especially unfriendly to us 😨, It also appears to have large feet.Small white shoes, size 37, uk4.5.I bought it many years ago, size 38, uk4.5.Sand-colored slippers are size 36.5, with just the right length and no cramping. The instep is not crowded, and the arch of the foot is slightly uncomfortable. By comparison, it can be seen that the side design of coconut slippers at the arch is slightly higher, and the instep is slightly narrower, which is not very friendly to friends with low arches, wide feet, or high instep.

  Fluorescent green, size 39. After a long search at the beginning, I finally decided to buy 39 because too many people suggested buying one or even more sizes larger if it was too small. The result is quite large, and the shoe length is actually acceptable, mainly because the instep is empty and cannot walk comfortably. Walking at home is okay, but going out is not very good, and it also appears that the feet are huge. Most importantly, this color adds insult to injury to already white feet and already short legs. I won't stay, I returned it.

  Suggestion: Just buy it back and try it out. Depending on your foot shape, you may have different feelings when wearing it. "It is said that" different colors and sizes also vary. Moreover, whether it is yeezy 350 or yeezy slide pure reps, there is a feeling of stepping on feces!! The soles are very soft!!! And although various colors are constantly restocking and selling

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