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what are some good things about the adidas yeezy slides that kanye west makes

Jun 08, 2023 | bgosneakers. | yeezy slides reps | 0 | 10 | 0

  We'll be honest, we've basically worn slides for the past 2 years. So much time indoors meant that our feet molded comfortably into our slides as though they were an extension of our body. The best bit is that we've got no intention of taking them off now. With summer in full swing, it’s essential to own a pair of suitable slides. YEEZY to the rescue. Today, let's take a look together

what are some good things about the adidas yeezy slides that kanye west makes


  Originally dropping back in December of 2019, adidas' yeezy slides reps have proven to be yet another unfathomably successful angle to the YEEZY line. Available in a range of earth tones, they’re basically the ideal option for the coming months, and we're not the only ones who think so.Like most things with 'Ye's name on, the adidas yeezy slides reps has been adopted by celebrities with open arms. It might be down to the easy styling afforded by subtle earth tones, or the minimal, one-piece molded upper which takes comfort up a notch. Either way, spring/summer rotations the world over are crying out for a pair of adidas YEEZY slides.

What is so good about yeezy slides reps?

  The midsole is pretty thick and brings you off the ground more than most sneakers. The exaggerated tread on the bottom adds to the comfort (slightly) by allowing more compression as you walk.

Do Yeezy slides make your feet look big?


  Take your normal size as the yeezy slides reps are true to size. The good yeezy slides reps on feet silhouette is huge compared to other sandals so if you take a size up it can make your feet look extra big

Should you buy Yeezy slides bigger or smaller?


  From everyone we've talked to who owns a pair of Yeezy Slides, we've gathered that it's best you wear one size up from your usual adidas Yeezy size. Yeezy Slide sizing is not true to size, unlike many other Yeezy sneakers. The fit of the good yeezy slide reps runs small.

Can yeezy slides reps shrink in the sun?

slides will actually shrink. like if you leave them in the sun. if they're a size twelve. they'll go to like a size ten.

Are yeezy slides reps still popular?


  The yeezy slides reps is the most popular summer shoe by a long shot. With a decent retail price and plenty of color options, you should be able to find a yeezy slides reps that fits your style with ease. The adidas yeezy slides reps first debuted as a part of Kayne's Yeezy brand in December of 2019.

Are yeezy slides reps really that comfortable?

In short, the answer is yes. yeezy slides reps  are incredibly comfortable and offer a great fit for many different foot sizes and shapes. One of the main reasons Yeezy Slides reps are so comfortable is due to their design. They are made with a soft foam sole that molds to your feet as you wear them.

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