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Air jordan 4 psg reps Paris de Paris Bordeaux White Purple

Jun 13, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 23 | 0

  Recently, many private letters from babies have told me that they want to learn more about the Jordan IV shoes. Today, the editor will introduce them in detail for everyone

Air J jordan 4 psg reps Paris de Paris Bordeaux White Purple

What is jordan 4 psg reps?


  The jordan 4 psg reps, born in 1989, has been making numerous blockbusters this year, and after the second joint launch of the Union, the next thing to focus on is the PSG x Air Jordan 4.

  This is also the second joint name of Jordan Brand and PSG Paris Saint-Germain F.C., bringing a pair of simple and versatile exquisite new products.

  After seeing the official pictures, Sneakernews brought a rare physical close-up, allowing us to experience the delicate texture of these PSG co names in advance.

  This color scheme follows many designs from the original year of OG, with the addition of the Parisian alias Paname in detail, followed by a combination of the PSG logo and Jumpman logo.

  Classic yet familiar with the atmosphere of Paris, this pair of PSG x Air jordan 4 reps deserves the attention of 4th generation fans! Air jordan 4 psg reps Jordan/Air Jordan Joe 4 jordan 4 reps AJ4 Jordan 4th generation PSG x Air Jordan 4 Jordan Brand has maintained close cooperation with the French powerhouse Paris Saint Germain.

  Every autumn, PSG co branded Air Jordan will be introduced as the first generation. After the Air Jordan 5 and Air Jordan 6 in the first two years, this year we will welcome a more popular Air Jordan 4 shoe model. Change the previously used black and gray tones for joint naming. The shoe body with a large area of white coverage is adorned with black and purple colors.

  The visual effect is particularly refreshing, and it is also a unisex color scheme.Multiple details of the shoe body have also been fully exposed.The iconic 'PANAME' is placed on the outside of the shoe toe.The rubber decorative patch on the heel has been changed to the Jordan and Paris logo, and the shoe handles have been changed to black horizontal stripes.The shoe box was also exposed, dressed in purple with black, and adorned with co branded logos.

jordan 4 psg reps upper foot sensation?

  Jordan Air jordan 4 psg reps Paris Basketball Shoe. The shoe box is purple paired with a black co branded logo, replacing the previously used black gray deep tone. The rubber decorative patch on the heel has been changed to the Jordan and Paris logo, with multiple joint details on the shoe body. With a white lychee leather upper and PANAME on the front of the shoe. The shoe has black horizontal stripes and is adorned with black and purple accents. The decoration of the home has finally entered the final stage of work. While constantly shopping, it is also necessary to organize the shoes at home. There is too much inventory, and there are still many things that have not been worn or sun dried.Today's pair is the jordan 4 psg reps, a crossover between football and basketball, and Nike is not doing it for the first time. Firstly, the purple red shoe box looks great, and the Eiffel Tower in the middle of the Paris Saint Germain logo has been replaced with Jumpman, without any sense of conflict! The old rule on the side of the shoe box is size information. This is a pair of shoes for both men and women, all with two shoe sizes. Take out the shoes and take a look. A classic style is a classic style, and a new pair of shoes comes with a different color. Unable to understand Nike, RFID anti-theft buckles appear irregularly. As the "grandpa" of the basketball shoe industry, the AJ 4 still uses a genuine leather upper, and close up, this lychee leather pattern is very good. As a Co-branding, the PANAME flag is added at the small toe, which is the alias of Great Paris. The Jumpman on the tongue of the shoe is large and domineering. The joint logo on the heel and shoe box has appeared, it looks great! The color scheme of white, black, and magenta is continued for the external parts. The internal insoles can be independently pulled out, with the cheering slogan "Ici C'est Pairs" printed in white on a black background. In terms of technology, the jordan 4 reps uses a rear air max air cushion, which was considered black technology back then. Now in 2021, it can only be worn as casual shoes. Upper foot. Conclusion:Classic jordan 4 reps Co-branding, with versatile colors and beautiful logo;Although Air Max is no longer suitable for practical use, it is very suitable for daily street trips;Genuine leather basketball shoes, except for the replica, there will be no new models;On the sneaker platform, gold sizes range from 1800 to 2200.

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