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Appreciate the authentic Nike jordan 4 metallic purple reps jordan 4 Mid Top Retro Casual Sports Culture Basket

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  Recently, Jordan Brand has brought four pure white Air jordan 4 reps with a metallic texture in one go. The white and purple outfit in front of them brings a dazzling electric purple effect. Following the early exposure of the upper foot beauty picture, official images have also appeared online. Let's take a look together jordan 4 metallic purple reps jordan 4 Mid Top Retro Casual Sports Culture Basket


  While retaining a refreshing appearance, it allows you to easily stand out among a group of small white shoes and become a more eye-catching focus. Although the full leather shoe body may not be user-friendly for the upcoming summer, the pure white Air Jordan 4 is also an irresistible temptation for many sneaker players.

What is the difference between the Air jordan 4 metallic purple reps series and the White Cat?

  Recently, Jordan Band launched the Metallic Pack series, which is metallic. As the name suggests, the shoe body is adorned with metallic accents. Like a white cat, the biggest difference apart from metallic colors is the inner tongue, Jumpman logo, insole color, and there is no other difference.

Which of the three colors to choose?

  The Metallic Pack series is available in four colors: orange, purple, green, and red. Ranked based on personal preferences, they are green>red>purple>orange.

  Up to now, green and red are still close to the original price, while purple and orange are slightly more expensive due to the small quantity of goods. It's up to you to decide which color to buy!

How to maintain your jordan 4 reps ?

  1. Oxidation issues

  This is also the main issue. There is a "grid" on the side of the jordan 4 reps, which is very easy to oxidize. The best way is to apply anti oxidizer before landing, and store it in a plastic bag with desiccant when it is not worn later.

  1. Fold problem

  Most jordan 4 reps use cow leather material, either synthetic leather or nubuck leather. Regardless of the material or shoe type, adding a pair of spring shoe braces can help alleviate the formation of wrinkles. Of course, wrinkles are inevitable, so I do not recommend using shoe shields here.

  1. Paint explosion problem

  The problem of paint explosion occurs in the later stage, caused by compression or aging. Generally, customized pigments of corresponding colors are used for paint repair

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