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BAPE Prosperity repsand decline, commercialization of trendy brands is a blessing or a curse

Aug 15, 2023 | bgosneakers | Hot Sale Reps | 0 | 35 | 0

  Once upon a time, a bape sta reps camouflage shark jacket was hard to find, and there were even many trendy players who added prices to buy it. Nowadays, BAPE's specialty stores are opening more and more, but the number of people visiting and consuming them is decreasing. All of this happened after NIGO sold BAPE to the Hong Kong IT Group. In fact, when it comes to BAPE, it can be said that no one in the trend industry is unaware of it, especially some veteran players who have a special affection for BAPE. As a veteran brand of Riharajuku in Japan, BAPE was jointly founded by NIGO and SK8thing in 1993. At the beginning, the brand adopted a small and limited edition business model, and then embarked on an unusual path of development. BAPE is very skilled in collaborating with other units. Under the leadership of NIGO, a commercial genius, it pioneered the joint launch of products between brands. Coupled with the celebrity effect, BAPE became the representative brand of Harajuku at that time. And Edison introduced the Chinese market, initiating a major expansion of the brand.

BAPE Prosperity repsand decline, commercialization of trendy brands is a blessing or a curse

  Although BAPE's development momentum was strong, serious financial problems still occurred within the company. Therefore, in 2011, NIGO sold BAPE to an IT group in Hong Kong. However, he continued to serve as BAPE's creative director and retired in 2014, marking the end of the NIGO era. Many people don't understand why NIGO wants to sell the brand it founded. I think from the situation at the time, this is completely understandable. Today I'll talk to everyone

Why isn't BAPE Prosperity reps on fire?

  Firstly, although NIGO has superhuman commercial talent, the operation of a company is not that simple and can be done well. In addition, NIGO itself also participates in the design of BAPE, so it is difficult to have the best of both worlds. Moreover, business planning is one thing for the development of a brand, but without a large amount of capital investment, the development of the brand will also become powerless to continue. Coincidentally, the IT group took over and solved this problem, allowing BAPE to continue. Otherwise, BAPE might have gone bankrupt long ago. In the trend and fashion circles, BAPE is not an isolated case of brand commercialization. Brands such as RICK OWENS and Yohji Yamamoto have already embarked on the path of commercialization. I think the most important reason is that designers themselves do not have the energy to manage the company's commercial operations, and brands like these niche styles are already standing on the opposite side of business. So, without the entry of commercial capital, these brands will find it difficult to continue to survive. But is the commercialized BAPE still worth buying? Firstly, NIGO is the soul of BAPE, and without NIGO, BAPE loses half of its value. Secondly, BAPE has a higher pricing and a simpler design, which is different from brands like RICK OWENS that emphasize design and material use. Nowadays, BAPE Prosperity reps design does not match its pricing. In fact, even if RICK OWENS is commercialized again, if you only look at the complex cutting and craftsmanship of its clothing itself, as well as the expensive materials used, it is still worth choosing.

  Finally, I would like to say that the pace of the times is advancing, and some things will eventually be thrown into the long river of history. But it will not be forgotten, and BAPE will always be the most precious memory in the hearts of trendsetters.

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