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Cream color scheme jordan 4 off white rep 1 1 is here!

Jun 25, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 30 | 0

  Jump up your appearance with the AirJordan pendant in the fourth generation bootsThe Off White X Air jordan 4 reps , which appeared at Virgil Abloh's solo art exhibition "FIGURES OF SPEECH," unexpectedly appeared on Virgil Abloh's feet recently, leading to speculation about whether it will be released globally

Cream color scheme jordan 4 off white rep 1 1 is here!

  Since we have already started the AJ chapter, let's introduce a few more AJ shoes of this year. The only criterion for being selected as a lightly recommended AJ may be their appearance. What assists in appearance is rarity and brand value. Of course, the comfort level of the upper foot varies from person to person. Everyone feels different wearing the same shoe. This is no longer our criterion for evaluation

  Today we introduce a Co-branding style with high gold content. It's the OFF WHITE x Air Jordan 4. The OFF WHITE FW20 runway, which just ended in Paris, showcased more physical images of the first color scheme based on the Air Jordan 4 shoe model, undoubtedly throwing another shock bullet into the shoe market that has been heavily sold this year!

What are its characteristics?

  The beige shoe body is jointly constructed with cut leather and cicada wing mesh fabric, and the classic "anti-theft buckle" is also displayed in the same color scheme. The AJ4's iconic breathable mesh on both sides, as well as the shoe frame and heel area, are complemented by translucent rubber accents, creating a crystal clear jelly texture.

  The eye-catching "AIR" font still appears on the midsole, echoing the OFF WHITE font on the inner foot. Not only is the color refreshing, but the overall details are also quite rich!

  It will officially debut in WMNS women's size this summer, and currently rumored to cover sizes from 35.5 to 47.5, priced at $200.

  In fact, OFF-WHITE has always had a close collaboration with NIKE. With an Instagram by Virgil Abloh, the managing director of OFF-WHITE at the end of 2017, various speculations about OFF-WHITE co branding with Nike began to spread in the shoe industry.

  From the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2019, the "The Ten" series spanning three years has been the undisputed king of the sneaker industry, always attracting the attention of a large number of sneaker players on release days.After 15 months, a total of 32 pairs of sneakers were released. OFF WHITE x Nike has brought us too many surprises.

Is it off white?

  The OFF WHITE x Nike co branded series, in addition to the hype price that takes off immediately after release, actually brings a lot of things to sneaker players. I would like to tell you something here. Let everyone learn more about OFF WHITE x Nike. That's why his value is so high. 01. The "Book of Enlightenment" for sneaker players

  In the era of the Air Jordan 1 fire, Nike also placed great emphasis on cultural dissemination. Recently, many heavyweight collaborations such as ACW and Martin Rose have been based on Nike's classic sneakers, playing a role in popularizing science for new sneaker players. In fact, the earliest player to do this was also the OFF WHITE x Nike, the undisputed "Book of Enlightenment" for sneaker players.

  Back in 2017, the Air Jordan series became popular, and among sneaker players at that time, anyone who didn't have a pair of Air Jordan was definitely a younger brother.

  On the contrary, popular shoes such as the Air Presto and Blazer Mid were mostly placed in the On Sale area of Nike's counters at the time, and the Hyperdunk 2017, known for its practical performance, was also on sale all year round. The theorem in the sneaker industry that "price determines popularity" is that these shoes were not well known before they were co branded with OFF WHITE x Nike.

  However, it was during the launch and sale of the OFF WHITE x Nike series that the Air Presto and Blazer Mid gained great fame. At that time, when a shoe store in Beijing launched the OFF WHITE x Nike series offline, a series of exam questions were prepared for shoe players. If you don't understand the shoe culture and history, you won't be able to qualify for purchase.

  In order to obtain purchasing qualifications, both new sneaker players and veteran players have started to tinker with sneaker knowledge.

  Returning to the products of the OFF jordan 4 off white rep 1 1 series themselves, the most memorable one is definitely the exaggerated deconstruction design.

  The Swoosh outlined by the stitching, the highly recognizable industrial bullet screen on the inner side of the shoe, the exposed sponge tongue, and the replacement of traditional leather with cicada wing material, among other details, brought unprecedented shock effects on its debut.

  Despite the deconstruction design concept, it had a profound influence in the architectural and fashion circles before the two parties joined forces.

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