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Declining in statusbape good bape sta reps

Aug 24, 2023 | bgosneakers | Hot Sale Reps | 0 | 25 | 0

Nowadays, in the eyes of most people, BAPE is just a trendy brand that has gone from being a  street tyrant to gradually sinking.

Declining in statusbape good bape sta reps

What has BAPE gone through?

  Maybe you think I'm too straightforward, don't you? But the truth is really this. I know many classmates used to be loyal to Bape, and I was particularly obsessed with it when I was in high school. However, I loved it back then and still insist on buying it now. Isn't it true that very few of them are still buying it!

  It's not a slander, but a way to make you see the routine clearly. As the saying goes, there is no harm without buying or selling. Bape initially started with printing T-shirts, producing only fifty pieces per model, of which thirty were distributed to employees and friends, with only a small amount circulating on the market.So he insists on product quality and wants to do things that can satisfy everyone around him.

  In the first two years, BAPE only designed T-shirts. Due to its unique design and guaranteed quality, the product was limited in quantity to showcase the wearer's personality, making it well-known in the Japanese fashion circle. Subsequently, good bape sta reps began slowly testing other styles. Bape's product line is exceptionally rich, and only you can imagine that there is nothing it doesn't do. You can say that it is considering for fans, and to put it bluntly, isn't it about making money? Over time, a huge commercial ape man empire was formed. Dozens of branches have been opened in Japan.

  Bape not only sells shoes, clothes, children's clothing, furniture, watches, accessories, and records, but also opens hair salons, coffee shops, and even gets involved in television programs, collaborating with other brands to sell condoms and skincare products. Collaboration can be said to be a major killer for Bape, and it is also due to the excellent economic acumen and business operation capabilities of the Bape team. In addition, Nigo Sang's strong circle of friends makes everything come naturally.We are about to co name with SUP, and even the whole family can't afford it!

 Why is BAPE looked down upon among the numerous solar tides?

  It doesn't look down on you, but you can buy it in many places in Asia, which seems unlimited. Wearing a shark in Canada and the United States, there are always Americans praising you for being handsome. In ancient times, it was still good. In recent years, after being acquired by IT, it has completely reduced to buying classic children's clothing. Is it okay for young people to have a special liking for shark heads when they were young and unable to do so? Now, I have some money to fulfill my previous wish and I am afraid of being sprayed with dirt

  It's a bit outdated now, and the first choice for trendy players may not be in the fourth and fifth tier. If you're a fan, you can buy it. No problem, Nogo left. Now it's working on it, there's no new design, only Nogo left. Now it's working on it, there's no new design, only Nogo left to make money. Because BAPE is a Hong Kong trend and has been acquired by IT.

  Although it was previously designed by Nigo, he later resigned and created another brand called human make. I don't think I look down on it, but after being acquired by IT, there was no design left, only to eat old money. Fake goods were rampant, and coupled with the rise of high luxury on Meichao High Street, BAPE is now seen by most people as a passing trendy brand

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