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The long time ago Nike Dunk Reps History

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How much do you know about Nike dunk reps tips?

Is dunk genuine leather?

The long time ago Nike Dunk Reps History

  Dunk is genuine leather. The Nike dunk is made of pure leather, and the Nike dunk toe cap is made of two-layer cowhide. The characteristic of cowhide is that the leather surface has small pores, which are circular, evenly distributed, and tightly distributed. The leather surface is bright and smooth, with a rich and delicate texture. The appearance is flat and soft, and the texture is solid and elastic when touched by hand. These dunks are made of crocodile patterned cowhide, and the crocodile pattern is applied to the surface of the cowhide through later processing. Characteristics of genuine leather shoes

  Genuine leather shoes have many advantages, such as excellent elasticity and toughness, good breathability, comfortable and soft wearing, good durability and feel, and have anti odor function that is not easy to deform. Genuine leather shoes are classified differently in different occasions, such as formal leather shoes, casual leather shoes, and gentlemen's leather shoes. According to the style, there are also daily leisure, business leisure, gentlemen's formal and outdoor leisure, and so on.

  Genuine leather shoes are relatively durable, and their affordable design is also very fashionable and beautiful. They are not only an ordinary consumer product, but also an artistic masterpiece. A pair of high-quality leather shoes also exude a gentlemanly demeanor. The reason why leather is made of animal skin is soft, and its principle is similar to sponge. The fundamental reason is that when making leather, oil is introduced into the interior of animal skin.

  Is Dunk thermal imaging real thermal imaging?

  Dunk thermal imaging has been booming since 2020, so is it true that Dunk thermal imaging is thermal imaging? What is the original burial of dunk thermal imaging?

  The Nike SB Dunk thermal imaging is a color palette shoe with technological content. The upper is made of special color changing materials, which can transform from black to a colorful effect similar to thermal imaging when exposed to light, hence the name thermal imaging. But he's not really thermal imaging.

 Nike dunk reps tips thermal imaging is just a coating on the surface of shoes, and when the coating is worn, it has no effect. As for how long it can be seen through, the discoloration layer is a thermal coating that falls off after being worn for a long time.

  Thermal imaging is a method of detecting infrared energy (heat) through non-contact detection and converting it into electrical signals, thereby generating thermal images and temperature values on the display, and calculating temperature values Testing equipment.

  All objects in nature, whether they are Arctic glaciers, flames, human bodies, or even the extremely cold deep space, will emit infrared radiation as long as their temperature is above absolute zero -273 ° C, which is the result of the thermal movement of molecules inside the Tian Yu object. The energy emitted by Mo Fu is proportional to the fourth power of Wen Chen in Zixian, and the wavelength emitted is inversely proportional to its temperature. Infrared imaging technology is based on the level of radiation energy of the detected object. Transformed into a thermal image of the target object through system processing.

  With the improvement of people's living conditions, people are becoming more and more meticulous about their clothes, such as shoes, and even the emergence of shoe ring culture. Poor wearing aj and rich wearing dunk is a famous saying in shoe circles.

  The original intention of the dunk was to be a basketball shoe with good adhesion to the ground, and the first pair of shoes was released in 1983. From the current perspective, Dunk itself does not have much technological content. Nowadays, as a simple skateboard shoe, it still has a high price. With the rich color scheme of dunks, co branding with various parties, and the increasing number of AJ1s, dunks have become very popular. Dunk's design leans more towards a retro style, making it outstanding in today's aesthetic fatigue. Dunk is one of Nike's most classic shoe styles.

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