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How to distinguish between yeezy 450 dark slab real vs fake

Jul 21, 2023 | bgosneakers | yeezy slides reps | 0 | 18 | 0

  Many friends privately ask the editor how to distinguish between yeezy 450 dark slide real and fake, which one is better. Today, the editor will lead the way

How to distinguish between yeezy 450 dark slab real vs fake

 How to distinguish between yeezy 450 dark slab real and fake?

 It's really difficult to distinguish

  First of all, compare the toe line. The REAL toe line is relatively straight and protruding, and the toe is close to the ground. The FAKE toe line is not as straight and protruding as the REAL toe line

  Compared to the heel, where the red circle is, REAL will quickly restore regardless of how it is broken, while FAKE will restore slowly, not as fast as REAL. 3. Comparison of shoe opening: REAL's shoe opening must be large in the middle, small in the top and bottom, and curved in the top and bottom. Some FAKE's shoe opening shapes are straight

  Contrast the transparency of the soles on the side. REAL has a deeper transparency, and the wrapped Boost cannot be clearly seen, while FAKE can clearly see white

  Boost comparison: REAL BASF is oily. It reflects light under the light. When pressed, it bounces back quickly. It will feel like a foot after wearing it for a year or two. The particles are also large. FAKE is really explosive. It seems to be oil-free and does not reflect light. Its biggest feature is soft and not elastic.Compared to the back of the insole, the letters on the back of the REAL insole have a strong three-dimensional sense and reflect light, while the FAKE shoes are relatively dim and the letters are not printed very well

  Finally, the comparison of the midsole wiring shows that the REAL midsole wiring is relatively regular in the front, with one or two wrong lines in the back, while FAKE does not, both of which are more than

  Thank you for seeing my sharing. Jimei people who found it useful have given me some attention and likes. I will continue to share with you in the future.

  The real and fake version of yeezy 450 dark slate real vs fake released in 2021 has a much more comfortable foot feel compared to yeezy500. Currently, there are two different versions released in the market, both of which are FF. Therefore, how to distinguish between good and bad may not be very obvious from the pictures alone. It is because of simplicity that the problem is easy to see. From the overall fish bones, we can analyze the following differences. Firstly, there is the first fishbone on the outer side of the shoe toe. The genuine one is very slanted, and the arrow can be aligned with the waist position of the second one. Of course, the position difference is not particularly convenient, it is probably that place, while the other one is directly extended. I estimate that there will be more and more mistakes in the future, which is also a quick way to find the problem. The one, including the outer tail, is directly reported up and is already 1cm below the shoe opening, not below this sock opening

  Are fake yeezy 450 easy to wear?

  Overall, it still has very unique characteristics. Let's take a look at how to wear it on the feet. It has strong breathability and is a must-have in summer. Other yeezy reps series have thicker materials, and this is relatively thin. The upper foot picture is also very comfortable, and the sole is very lightweight and comfortable. Alright, that's all for this issue. If you're interested, you can follow me.

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