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Is bape goose sta reps plagiarism?

Aug 21, 2023 | bgosneakers | Hot Sale Reps | 0 | 49 | 0

  Many friends want to know more about bape sta reps , and today we will answer your questions

Is bape goose sta reps plagiarism?

What brand is baggoose?

  The difference between BAPE and STA is that BAPE is a trendy street brand in Japan. It was bought by the Hong Kong IT Group in 2010, and the Hong Kong IT Group retained the original flavor of BAPE. However, due to the high price of BAPE, Hong Kong designers created a STA branch line, which is of lower quality and sold at a lower price to attract customers. BAPE is essentially a Hong Kong brand, borrowing from the Japanese parent brand! BAPEGoose is a new star street trend shoe from Putian. BAPEGoose is a shoe produced by Putian that imitates the Nike version,

Is BAPEGoose a fake shoe?

  Yes. BAPEGoose is a new star street trend board shoe, among which BAPEGoose is a shoe produced by Putian to imitate Nike's version, so it is a fake shoe from Putian.

Are BAPE shoes easy to burst?

  BAPE is a well-known Japanese trendy brand, with shoes of medium to high quality in the market. However, all shoes may experience wear and tear, depending on individual usage habits and maintenance methods. If not worn and maintained properly, BAPE shoes can also experience leather bursting. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers who purchase BAPE shoes should pay attention to the correct wearing and maintenance methods, such as not wearing them when they are not suitable for exercise, avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight, regular cleaning, and waterproof treatment, etc. This can effectively extend the service life of bape goose sta reps shoes and reduce the occurrence of leather explosions.

How about BAPE's shoes?

  Very good. The inner lining is fuller than the AF1, with more cotton padding. It is suitable for winter wear, warm, comfortable, and soft. It feels a bit like Nike sneakers, but because the surface leather is harder, the feeling of walking is worse than that of the AF1, but it feels much better than the AF1

  The texture of BAPE's shoes has always been good! The details are also very thorough! I don't know why such good shoes went bankrupt! Because most people nowadays blindly follow the trend of popular products and don't know what it means to be a co branded good product. The saturation of dog heads is a bit high

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