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Japan best bape sta reps

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The relationship between bape sta reps and nike?

Japan best bape sta reps

  After more than 20 years of existence in the market, A Bathing Ape (later referred to as Bape) finally received a lawsuit from Nike today, saying that best bape sta reps has been plagiarizing Nike's classic shoes. This is very interesting. Why did Nike take action after more than 20 years of existence in the market? It should be noted that in the early 1990s and 2000s, the street fashion brand of Waharajuku in Japan not only influenced the trend of street fashion worldwide and in the future, but also created sneaker culture at that time, bringing sneakers into the street fashion circle. In the United States, the Air Max 95, positioned as a running shoe, became a trendy accessory that everyone in Japan must have.

  Japan not only hyped up the Air Max 95, but also brought along Nike's classic shoe models, Air Force 1, Dunk, Air Jordan 1, and successfully launched new shoe models such as Presto, Footscape, Air Woven, etc. from the Japanese market and became popular around the world. In the end, we collaborated with Dang Earth Shoe Store to launch a unique http://CO.JP Color matching. It also cooperated with creative worker Hiroshi Fujiwara to create HTM branch line, which not only allowed Nike to enter the Japanese market smoothly, but also enabled Nike to make good use of the unique design aesthetics of Japan, making its brand shoes more attractive. At that time, Bape was also a phenomenon level presence. The store was a pilgrimage point for global celebrities, and daily quota sales were required to ensure that the store could have goods on shelves for a long time. At that time, a group of dealers lined up outside the store every day and scattered the purchased goods around the world. At that time, Bape not only had very popular clothing, but also sold various shoe styles that he had developed and developed. Why didn't Nike file a lawsuit against Bape at that time? This is actually a matter of interest. At that time, the existence of best bape sta reps helped Nike expand the popularity of the Air Force 1. However, the official price for one pair of best bape sta reps was still the price for three pairs of Air Force 1. Therefore, the popular trend of best bape sta reps did help Nike increase the popularity and sales of the Air Force 1 at that time. From a profit perspective, the existence of Bapesta does indeed bring Air Force 1, and Nike, which has tasted the benefits, does have a "one eye, one eye" treatment towards Bapesta of Bape.

  I think the trigger for what will happen is not best bape sta reps, but best bape sta reps desire to actively expand the shoe business, borrowing from Nike's Dunk, Air Jordan 1 High OG, and Air Jordan 1 Low shoe models to launch its own SK8 Sta, Court Sta High, and Court Sta. Nike finally filed a lawsuit against such blatant plagiarism. On the other hand, Nike's long-term brand value layout has been formed, and it has established an irreplaceable influence in the fashion circle. Nike does not want to be too affected by too much additional interference when pushing a classic shoe, which will affect its sales. For example, in the past few days, Nike has shown us Nike and Tiffany's Air Force 1 co branded. Nike hopes that if shoe enthusiasts cannot afford Tiffany co branded (and I believe few people can afford it), they will sell Air Force 1 in a color scheme similar to the co branded shoe, instead of giving shoe enthusiasts another choice, choosing Feng Jing's best bape sta reps co branded color scheme.

  From the perspective of interests, the most important thing is that Bape has lost its original charm. Even if Nike dares to sue now, there will not be too many rebound voices in the market. The world operates in this interest oriented way, and whoever gains power will accommodate and tolerate cooperation, while whoever loses power will be disturbed by me to cut leeks. It's just so realistic and reasonable.

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