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Jordan 4 sail reps canvas arrives

May 19, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 12 | 0

  As the most classic AJ generation, jordan 4 is not only the favorite of shoe enthusiasts, but also a must-have for trendy people to wear. In this issue, the editor will talk to you about the special version in this jordan 4 sail reps.

Jordan 4 sail canvas arrives

What are the highlights of this shoe?

  Compared to previous off white shoes, this one has significantly fewer deconstructive elements. The uniform tone of sail white greatly enhances the visual sense of unity. The use of multiple materials such as leather, nylon, and rubber with different transparency simultaneously showcases a new trend of artistic aesthetics to the public in another way.

  The classic "anti-theft buckle" also adopts the same color scheme, with the AJ4's iconic breathable mesh on both sides, as well as the shoe frame and heel area, all complemented by translucent rubber, creating a crystal clear jelly texture. Different materials create a rich sense of hierarchy, while visually it is unified and harmonious.

  In addition, the industrial style text "THE TEN" on the grid, the "AIR" logo on the midsole, and the cutting treatment of the tongue edge still show the deconstruction language of the sign, which is enough to show the introverted expression style of Virgil.

  It is also worth mentioning that although the jordan 4 sail reps is designed as a women's model, the maximum size released can reach 47.5, which does not affect male users' purchase.

Why don't everyone take off jordan 4 sail reps tags?

  Not disassembling the anti adjustable buckle "is also a trend. In addition to the exaggerated structural aesthetics, the jordan 4 reps

   series continues the commonly used anti adjustable buckle decoration design of its main shoe, sparking a new trend in the sneaker industry. Nowadays, anti adjustable buckles seem to have become an accessory for sneakers, and "not removing anti adjustable buckles" has become a trend.

How do you look good on this jordan 4 sail reps?

  As a women's style, this pair of shoes is almost versatile and can easily blend with everyday OL styles. It can also handle the weekend jumpy attire, and the addition of large sizes allows many male compatriots who like fresh color schemes to try this pair of shoes on their feet.

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