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One Week Sports New Product | Valentine's Day Theme Dunk SB Texture Support Best StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low reps

Aug 03, 2023 | bgosneakers | Hot Sale Reps | 0 | 10 | 0

  Skateboarding team StrangeLove teamed up with Nike to bring the Dunk SB velvet shoe with a Valentine's Day theme. Today, let's talk about the Valentine's Day themed Dunk SB, jointly brought by the renowned skateboard team StrangeLove and Nike. It has received significant attention since its exposure.

One Week Sports New Product | Valentine's Day Theme Dunk SB Texture Support  Best StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low reps

How does this pair of  Best StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low reps look?

  This pair of Best StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low reps was designed by legendary designers Sean Cliver and Todd Bratrud.The overall tone is light pink, with suede paired with a velvet upper, and the inner side is also made of soft silk material. The heel features details such as skull heart embroidery, showcasing a unique glossy texture overall. The crystal outsole design reveals a blue and red heart, and the insole also features a special design that blends Gothic skull style and Valentine's Day elements. It is reported that the shoes will also be equipped with a carefully designed shoe box.

The difference between duck low and duck low se?

  The so-called 'low' in English means' low '. In sneakers,' low 'refers to low top sneakers. NIKEDUNK's original meaning is actually a pair of basketball shoes with good ground adhesion. Its prototype is the Air Jordan One, so you would think they are very similar.

  The Nike Dunk Low SE Men's Shoe was originally designed for hardwood courts, but later became a fashion benchmark that swept the streets. Now it returns with sleek leather overlays and vintage Nike graphics. This classic basketball shoe features a warp knitted upper for a casual look, with a soft texture and durability, showcasing the style of the 1990s. Modern footwear technology elevates comfort to a new level

  Introducing special color matching sneakers with the theme of Valentine's Day has become one of the mandatory courses for many brands, and due to the high beauty of this theme, it has also attracted the attention of sneaker players.

  Among them, Best StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low reps collection is particularly outstanding, leaving a deep impression on everyone every time.

  For example, the StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low, released in 2020, not only has a super high appearance but also a daunting market price. Currently, the market price for women's sizes remains at 10000 yuan. Recently, a physical photo of the Nike Dunk Low for this year's Valentine's Day color scheme has been exposed, and although there are no fancy outfits, their appearance is still online.

What is the Best StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low reps new model like?

  The entire pair of shoes features white as the main tone, and the material of the shoe body is made of lychee grain leather and ordinary leather stitching, which is low-key while maintaining a sense of texture. In terms of details, the Nike lettering on the heel and tongue has chosen yellow makeup, adding a touch of eye-catching detail to the originally simple shoe body. The upper part of the shoe is adorned with a yellow heart, highlighting the special identity of the Valentine's Day color scheme.

  Finally, finish with a white midsole to improve the overall styling design. At present, there is no specific release date for this brand new Nike Dunk Low "Valentine Day". Interested friends can continue to follow.

  After listening to the above introduction, do you also want to visit best sb dunks reps websites, I believe you will always have sneakers worth buying

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