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One of the Classics of Air Shoes - jordan 4 bred reps Returns

Jun 07, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 7 | 0

  Last year's "Chicago" and this year's white cement will soon be brought back to AJ4 "Bred" reprint at the beginning of next year! Jordan's whole retro action! I'm already looking forward to it! The Air Jordan 4 "Bred" was originally released in 1989 and is also known as black cement. This pair of 4 has gone through 5 replica versions since its debut, with the last being the OG version brought back in 2019.According to the latest intelligence, it is rumored that this bipolar classic jordan 4 bred reps vintage model is also about to be released and has returned. Today, let's take a look together 

One of the Classics of Air Shoes - jordan 4 bred reps Returns

  The jordan 4 bred reps have a high popularity and are easy to match. It has been officially reproduced four times, and each time there will be some differences in the details. This time, it was made according to the original year of 1985, and the more than 30 years of history give this pair of shoes more tribute to the classic.

  The upper material is made of the latest high-quality synthetic leather, which is soft, smooth, yet resilient, and fashionable. The addition of silicone insoles adds a greater leap in foot feel compared to the first generation.

Characteristics of jordan 4 reps vintage collection?

  Wear and tear effect: The shoes from the jordan 4 reps vintage series have undergone special treatment, resulting in a worn and faded surface effect. This treatment makes the shoes look like they have been used and worn for many years, adding a sense of history and storytelling.

  Detail treatment: In addition to the overall wear effect, jordan 4 reps series also pays attention to detail treatment. For example, there may be scratches, fading, and wear marks on the upper, a yellowing effect on the sole, and signs on the tongue and heel. These details make the shoes more realistic and historical.

  Unique personality: The characteristics of the jordan 4 reps series make each pair of shoes unique. Due to different treatment methods, the wear effect and detail treatment of each pair of shoes will vary, making each person's shoes have a unique personality and style.

  Limited sales: jordan 4 reps used series are usually launched in limited sales, increasing its scarcity and collection value. This also makes sneaker fans cherish and pursue this series of shoes more.

  The launch of the jordan 4 reps vintage series has brought new trends and trends to the sneaker market. It not only satisfies sneaker fans' pursuit of classic shoes, but also endows shoes with more stories and historical significance. For sneaker enthusiasts who love personalization and unique styles, the jordan 4 reps series is undoubtedly a must-have choice.

How does Jordan 4 Bred feel on his feet?

  The jordan 4 reps shoes, especially the "Bred" color scheme, have excellent foot feel and perform well in terms of comfort and support. The following are several foot feel characteristics of jordan 4 reps generation "Bred" shoe:

  Cushioning performance: The jordan 4 reps generation adopts Nike Air technology, which includes an air cushion in the sole, providing excellent cushioning. This enables sneakers to effectively reduce impact and protect the feet from the risk of injury in basketball.

  Insoles and support: The jordan 4 reps generation is equipped with comfortable insoles that provide good foot support and stability. This is crucial for fast turning, jumping, and landing during exercise, helping to reduce foot fatigue and increase stability during exercise.

  Upper and breathability: The jordan 4 reps generation upper is made of high-quality materials, providing good durability and comfort. The mesh design on the upper not only increases the breathability of the shoe, but also provides additional support and stability, allowing the feet to stay dry and comfortable during exercise.

  Shoe shape and fit: The shoe design of jordan 4 reps conforms to ergonomics, and the overall fit of the shoes is high. This ensures that the shoes tightly wrap around the feet, providing good stability and control, allowing athletes to better control their movements and direction changes.

  Overall, the jordan 4 reps generation "Bred" shoe has an excellent foot feel, providing both comfortable cushioning and excellent support and stability. It is one of the top shoes designed for basketball, providing excellent foot protection and athletic performance for the wearer, whether in competition or daily wear.


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