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Purple version! Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 reps

Jul 05, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 5 | 0

  Speaking of the most popular Air Jordan generation in the past two years, the Air jordan 4 reps is definitely on the list.And whether it is Co-branding, classic retro or new color exposure, it has a high popularity, almost every time you make it, you will be popular.

Purple version! Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 reps

  Recently, another pair of new color scheme Jordan 4 reps renderings have been exposed. At first glance, may this not be suitable for Travis Scott's joint family and friend restrictions!

what travis scott jordan 4 reps ?

  limited color exposure for family and friends! This pair of AJ4 and travis scott jordan 4 reps co branded purple is a limited style for family and friends. It is currently on sale online and comes in a size of 11us. Interested friends can take a look. Today, let's take a look at the purple version of shoe control After the initial color scheme release of thetravis scott jordan 4 reps, another purple version was re exposed and a new upper foot detail image was revealed. This pair of purple travis scott jordan 4 repsfeatures the same details and features a Cactus Jack theme to pay tribute to Travis Scott's music label.

The overall color tone of purple is even more coquettish, and it is rumored to be a limited color scheme for F&F relatives and friends, and will not be sold on the market. The current news states that this purple version is limited to family and friends, with a production quantity of around 1000 pairs. Although there are many restrictions on family and friends, it is still rare and it may not be easy to buy a pair.

What is travis scott jordan 4 reps?


  Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 is a basketball shoe jointly launched by American rapper Travis Scott and sports brand Jordan Brand. This is Travis Scott's first collaboration with Jordan Brand, and the shoe was first released in 2018.

  The Travis Scott x Jordan 4 reps incorporates classic design elements from the Air Jordan 4, incorporating Travis Scott's unique style and personalized details. The shoe body is made of high-quality velvet and thick cow leather, with delicate textures and buckle decorations on the upper. The most prominent feature of this shoe is its color scheme, including the combination of Baby blue, black and red, which echoes the brand image and music style of Travis Scott.

The details of the travis scott jordan 4 reps?

  are very rich, including a hidden 3M reflective material, a tongue logo embroidered with the words "Cactus Jack", a special shoelace system, and special details at the heel. This shoe is also equipped with Air Sole cushion technology, providing comfortable cushioning performance. 

  Due to the influence of Travis Scott and the uniqueness of the shoe, the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 quickly became a popular limited edition shoe after its release. Its market value has also significantly increased, becoming a target for collectors and shoe enthusiasts.

What are family and friend restrictions?

  Friends and Family Exclusive refers to a restrictive regulation that certain products or services are only available and used by specific groups, friends, or partners.

  In the business field, family and friend restrictions usually refer to a certain product, package, promotion, or activity that is limited to specific groups or organizations participating or purchasing. These groups can be family and friends of a certain brand, celebrity endorsers, partners, specific members, or other restricted groups.

  Family and friend limited products or services are often considered unique, rare, or unique, thus possessing high value and attractiveness. This restrictive strategy can be used to increase the Scarcity of products, improve the brand image, promote word-of-mouth communication and create a unique brand experience.

  Family and friend restrictions are usually implemented through specific invitations, limited sales channels, special sales conditions, or limited sales. Such restrictive strategies can provide exclusive rights or special treatment to specific populations, thereby enhancing their loyalty and participation.

  In short, family and friend restrictions are a business strategy that provides unique product or service experiences to specific groups or organizations by limiting their access and usage rights, and increases the value and attractiveness of the product or brand.


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