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Rep Jordan 4 Military Black Little White Cement Unisex

Jul 13, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 26 | 0

  Rumor has it that the quantity of goods is not high! The 'New White Cement' fake jordan 4 military black that countless people want is truly amazing. Since its inception, the Air rep jordan 4 military black has always been one of the most popular authentic shoe styles.

Rep Jordan 4 Military Black Little White Cement Unisex

  In the past two years, the scenery has been endless, with almost every new color scheme catching the attention of the entire shoe industry.


  The Air jordan 4 military black reps, known as "Little White Cement", is about to make its global debut in the national region.With a classic and versatile black and white gray design and excellent material texture, there are definitely many people who want it.

Characteristics of jordan 4 military black reps?

  Full of Breath Excellent material texture Although this Military Black color scheme is not the original color scheme, its appearance still inherits the classic style, with a strong retro atmosphere.

  The shoe body is mainly in bright black and white, and the toe is adorned with gray suede. From the shoe name, it can be seen that the overall design inherits the classic Military Blue color scheme, only turning blue into black. From the perspective of color tone, it is very similar to the white cement color scheme, which can be said to blend the elements of two classic original color schemes.

  In addition to the classic versatile color scheme, the material texture of this color scheme is also worth paying attention to.The white part of the upper is made of thick genuine leather, which surpasses other color schemes in both tactile and visual effects.

  The gray suede on the toe of the shoe enhances its texture. The tongue of the shoe still features the classic embroidered woven logo featuring Jumpman logo and Flight.

  It is worth noting that even the tongue labels do not have any color embellishments, making them one of the few pure black, white, and gray color combinations. Players who prefer plain colors will definitely be satisfied. The Jumpman logo on the heel and outsole is the same as other new color schemes. Which do you prefer compared to the original Nike Logo? Although the shoe body is designed in solid colors and does not have cement elements, the shoe box adopts a cement spot design, paying tribute to classic elements. Invincible and versatile

  The jordan 4 military black reps is a black, white, and gray color scheme that doesn't have to worry about the matching effect. It looks great no matter how you wear it.

  The upper foot effect is low-key and does not lose its sense of layering, and compared to the original color scheme, it is not inferior at all.

  After listening to the above introduction, do you also want to visit best rep jordan 4 military black websites, I believe you will always have sneakers worth buying


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