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Replenish 10w pairs in May! Yeezy slippers are on sale, the original price is even cheaper!!!!

Jun 29, 2023 | bgosneakers | yeezy slides reps | 0 | 20 | 0

  The eagerly anticipated yeezy slides reps is finally coming back! And the official price for this release has also been lowered! From the replenishment page, it is easy to see that the original price has been reduced a lot, but there has been no replenishment for only one quarter. At present, the Secondary market has shown a trend of price increase, and the big hit Bone, Resin and onyx yeezy slides reps have all achieved a premium of 1000+! Looking at the sales volume again, it's really not covered Of course, as the most frequently worn slipper among trendsetters in the past two years, the popularity of yeezy slides reps naturally goes without saying, and the shoes that must be replenished every season are definitely arranged. Today, let's take a look

Replenish 10w pairs in May! Yeezy slippers are on sale, the original price is even cheaper!!!!

What is onyx yeezy slides reps?

  Many yeezy slides reps with different styles are about to be released. The sleek and thick integrated EVA foam material design continues the simple aesthetic style, and is introverted and sharp But its serrated and concave shoes not only showcase the charm of the shoe, but also With flexibility and a sense of stability, the highest appearance among the many new Yeezy color schemes released this year is the new theme color scheme Onyx, with the upcoming Yeezy Slide "Onyx" being even more outstanding. The overall material is made of EVA, and the upper is designed with extra hollows. It is believed to be more popular in the upcoming spring and summer, and is expected to be released on March 7th for $60.

  #My onyx yeezy slides reps "color scheme is the first shoe in the onyx yeezy slides reps series to present an all black image. Following a minimalist design aesthetic, it creates a one-piece shoe shape with a unique minimalist design texture and high appearance recognition. The black" Onyx "also brings an unprecedented cool and trendy look to this popular slipper. Since the launch of the first yeezy slides reps, the series has never released a black style.

  In addition, Yeezy's black sneakers are often sought after by everyone, so many shoe enthusiasts have high hopes for this pair of "Onyx", hoping that it will take off in place.Appearance Color Matching onyx yeezy slides reps

  At the end of this summer, the YEEZY slide launched the "ONYX" black agate color scheme with excellent foot feel for everyone. The front of Yeezy Slide still has a consistent minimalist style, and the outsole also has a unique "washboard" style. The shoe body shows no excessive embellishments except for the obvious adidas logo.

Size and foot feel onyx yeezy slides reps?

  The overall size of YEEZY's slippers is still relatively small. Normally, boys need to increase their size by two or more to wear comfortably. Do not choose according to the size of sports shoes you usually buy

Daily pairing 🥼 onyx yeezy slides reps?


  The "ONYX" black agate color scheme, paired with black and white stockings, is a relaxed and lazy, but tasteful minimalist look Overall rating onyx yeezy slides reps"ONYX" is still made of EVA foam which is light and comfortable. The overall size of the slippers is relatively small. Currently, this dirt resistant black agate is quite cost-effective compared to other color schemes. If it is suitable, you can get it as soon as possible. Alright, that's all. Welcome to leave a message and like it~ 💯

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