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Reviewing the Classic: Air Jordan 4 Reps

May 24, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 1 | 20 | 0

  As one of Nike's famous basketball shoe series, the Air Jordan 4 Reps is highly regarded for its unique design and long history. In recent years, a replica version called the air jordan 4 reps has appeared on the market, becoming a sought after target for many sneaker enthusiasts. Today, let's walk into Jordan 4 Reps

Reviewing the Classic: Air Jordan 4 Reps

Why are so many people chasing air jordan 4 reps?

  When it comes to the classic memory of the jordan 4 reps, most people would first think of Jordan's incredible ability to hold the air and hit the famous "The Shot" winner at the end of the 1989 playoffs against the Cavaliers G5. The launch of the jordan 4 reps can be said to have driven the development of the entire basketball shoe product and also established the concept of the Jordan series brand. Starting from t jordan 4 reps, this series finally has a true soul. It's just a part of the brand sentiment brand.

Which jordan 4 reps are Worth Buying?

  1. 2019 vintage OG color scheme jordan 4 reps Bred family photo

The first to bear the brunt is this classic OG replica - the jordan 4 reps. This is the second Jordan Genuine sneaker to adopt this color scheme after the AJ1 "BRED". Since then, several Air Jordan BRED color scheme sneakers have become gods in the hearts of shoe fans. To this day, any mention of words such as black, red, and no wear can feel the strong flavor of OG's original year. As the name suggests, BRED=BLACK+RED, derived from the classic jersey color scheme of the Chicago Bulls, is also the most classic color scheme in Air Jordan history. The Air Jordan 4 Bred spans 30 years and has gone through 5 releases. It is not surprising that this year's remake has been dubbed the "most original remake".

This "brightest" highlight in Xiaoguo's view is not an absolute reason for me to purchase, it is just a part of the brand sentiment brand. But then again, the appearance of these shoes is definitely amazing. Although they are a classic retro shoe from 30 years ago, what's striking is that they still have an timeless style and temperament, which is a bit impressive! Overall, there are several upgrades to this replica: the upper adopts the popular synthetic leather to replace the two-layer nubuck leather; The mesh connecting the tongue of the shoe has been changed to a separate two-layer design, avoiding the problem of mesh cracking in previous years' replication. The TPU triangular support of the shoe body has also been made of soft rubber material, with a smoother cut surface treatment. In addition, the insole of this pair of shoes is similar to the black and red Air Jordan 6 "Infrared" insole that was re engraved at the beginning of the year, using a silicone like material, which to some extent improves the wearing feel. Finally, in terms of sneaker craftsmanship, it also surpassed Concord's level last year, making the classic not a shock.

    2.The jordan 4 reps COOL GREY is also known as "Cool Grey" or "Grey Mouse", and is also highly sought after under the guise of being the leader's own color scheme. This year, it was re released 15 years after its first release in 2004, and when it was released in July and August, it coincided with the once-in-a-century "rush day", so the popularity was quite explosive. At first glance, the shoe body is made of three colors: black, white, and gray, which are very ordinary. However, the so-called "high-end gray" is the interpretation of this cool color tone to create a high-end texture: the delicate gray suede leather upper is paired with a vibrant yellow ("Flight" tongue label, inverted inner AIR JORDAN label, sole, and visible air cushion, etc.), The silver Jumpman logo on the heel and the metallic lace buckle perfectly present a clean and tidy visual experience for the entire pair of shoes. Simple and versatile upper foot effect, a must-have item for home and travel! With the end of "Chongchong Chongri", the selling price is gradually decreasing. Friends who like it can consider getting started!

   jordan 4 reps "Raptors" that will be released were originally designed as exclusive colors for Drake, using Drake's favorite Toronto Raptors representative color scheme. However, due to various reasons, the exclusive version has been cancelled from the market, and instead the details have been changed to bring a pair of "simplified" versions for the market. But on the early morning of June 3rd this year, the NBA Finals were in full swing, and the Toronto Raptors were poised to win the first round. SNKRS in the US pushed for the surprise release of the Air Jordan 4 NRG "Raptors", which made it difficult to doubt that last year's NBA championship had been "settled" by the Raptors!

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