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Salute to Nike bape sta reps but selling it more expensive than Nike, is this something BAPE can do?

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  Salute to Nike bape sta reps First, let's take a look at the two shoes with a similarity of over 97% in the figure below. The left image shows the classic shoe style Air Force 1 created by Nike, and the right image shows the STA launched by Japanese brand BAPE; Do you see any difference? The experts who came to find your sister are all in a daze. Except for the LOGO, the two shoes are almost identical. And why does the relationship between the two get along so well today? The story has to start many years ago! At that time, the Air Force 1 gained many fans with its durable appearance and durable quality, and also established a foothold in the trend circle.

Salute to Nike bape sta reps but selling it more expensive than Nike, is this something BAPE can do?

  At this moment, a Japanese brand emerged with its pentagram air force (STA), possibly with a mischievous idea or casually, but no one expected it to become popular locally.

  Although the dissemination of information was not convenient at that time, it would have some impact on Nike to some extent. If BAPE were the son of heaven, what would happen? It is inevitable to have concerns. So, regarding the incident of BAPE plagiarizing Nike, there was a saying back then that after BAPE gained a little popularity, Nike approached the manager of BAPE.

  The general content is as follows: Nike agrees to continue producing and selling BAPE under the name of Nike.From this, it can be seen that Nike wants to acquire BAPE at zero cost (Jiang is still old and spicy), but BAPE did not accept it. The content of the discussion is uncertain whether an insider transaction has been reached, after all, it is through the grapevine. The result is that BAPE is sold normally and there is no further dispute between the two parties. Although Nike is cunning and scheming, it still has a certain pattern. At least we can see clearly in this matter. Big brother is big brother, and we don't care about little kids. The pentagram air force is truly admirable for its survival and achievements to this day. Rather than being expensive and limited in pricing STA, BAPE has a sense of self-awareness. Since it cannot compete with Nike, it is better to only serve a very small number of customers, controlling the quantity of goods makes it difficult to encounter unsold problems and also improves brand efficiency.

  Another important aspect of STA's survival is Bape's requirements for quality, which must definitely surpass Nike's. Now everyone knows that Nike's quality is getting worse and worse, at least Bape is as good as before, without cutting corners. But expensive is also really expensive. Besides the environment back then, impersonating Nike wasn't just Bape's, and Nike didn't have time to send lawyer letters one by one, so they had to use wise strategies to leverage their strength. Just looking back, only Salute to Nike bape sta reps can make it to the table. Air Force One with Luo Yonghao.

Why is there a shoe on Bape that looks exactly like the Nike AF1?

  These three are indeed related to each other. Anyone who doesn't understand sneakers will find that the difference is not significant. How to splice a few pieces of leather is similar.

  But to be more specific, AF1 was the earliest basketball shoe designed as a core of Nike's entry into basketball, and previous basketball shoes were all Converse. At that time, Nike hired several football stars to endorse him, and the ones that left a deep impression were the dads of Moses Malone and Clay Thompson. Airsole air cushion was used.

  AJ1 was designed a few years later based on the inspiration of AF1. Dunk was a series that Nike promoted for the students' big cake at that time. At that time, Dunk was a dunk without SB, and it was also a basketball shoe. At that time, there were many university restrictions, and last year's ow was a replica of Dunk, not Dunksb. Dunksb is a skateboarding product launched after 2000, with the main difference from Nike being thick tongue, mid low, and other small details. Now there are very few dunks, most of them are dunksbs. Dunksbs had their peak from 2002 to 2006, and in these two years, Nike intends to promote Dunksb's return

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