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Stir fry to the sky high price, BORN x RAISED dunk reps. SB Dunk joint confirmation to resume release!

Aug 04, 2023 | bgosneakers | Hot Sale Reps | 0 | 18 | 0

  Recently, a pair of SB Dunk co branded products was cancelled due to the unexpected death of the manager, which is BORN x RAISED dunk reps After SNKRS and other distribution channels announced the release of these BORN x RAISED dunk reps pairs, it was rumored that they would no longer be available for sale, but there has been a reversal in the past two days. Today, I will introduce this pair of BORN x RAISED dunk reps to you all

Stir fry to the sky high price, BORN x RAISED dunk reps. SB Dunk joint confirmation to resume release!

When will it be released?

  There are reports overseas that the release of BORN x RAISED dunk reps will continue, and this new pair of models will still be available to us at the end of the year. This is because some stores have already released and "stolen" these co branded SB Dunks before their official release, so the market price is very high. But it has been confirmed that it will recover, and it is believed that the price will decrease significantly after the official release, and shoe enthusiasts also have the opportunity to purchase at the original price. Currently, Born x Raised SB Dunk Low is expected to be announced by the end of the year

Introduction to BORN x RAISED dunk reps?

  BORN x RAISED dunk reps is an American street fashion brand known for its design and style closely related to Los Angeles culture. The brand was founded by Mike B in 2013. The name of the brand comes from his love and loyalty to the city of Los Angeles.

  RAISED "in a brand name means a person's place of growth, usually referring to their hometown. This symbolizes identification and pride towards one's hometown. BORN x RAISED best dunk reps emphasizes culture, community, and identity, and the brand's design showcases the unique street culture of Los Angeles in a distinct way.

  The term 'Dunk' may refer to the 'Dunk' series of shoes that have been partnered with Nike. The Nike Dunk is a highly anticipated classic shoe that was first introduced in 1985. Its design incorporates basketball shoes and trendy elements, making it highly popular among street culture and trendy fashion enthusiasts.

Why is the price of BORN x RAISED dunk reps high?

  Scarcity: "BORN x RAISED Dunk" may be a limited edition shoe or special edition, and its production quantity is limited. This Scarcity makes it a precious collection, so the price is relatively high.

  Unique design: This shoe may have special design elements, such as patterns, colors, and logos related to the "BORN x RAISED" brand. These unique design elements add uniqueness to the shoe and make it popular among collectors and fashion enthusiasts.Collaboration project: If " BORN x RAISED dunk reps" is a collaboration project with other well-known brands or designers, its price may increase as a result. Collaborative projects typically combine the influence and creativity of two brands to attract more buyers and collectors.

  History and Heritage: The Nike Dunk itself is a classic shoe with rich historical and cultural value. As a special version, the ' BORN x RAISED dunk reps' may incorporate more cultural and emotional elements, which will also affect its price.

  Popular and hype: Sometimes, limited edition or highly anticipated shoe styles may become the subject of hype. Collectors and speculators may purchase these shoes in the hope of reselling them in the future, thereby driving up prices.

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