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The Air jordan 4 infrared reps with unbeatable texture

Jun 21, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 45 | 0

  Today, I would like to share with you a pair of recently released Air jordan 4 infrared reps. I really liked spy photos from the beginning and even felt the texture was unbeatable after receiving them. The upper was paired with black and gray colors, and the midsole was light gray for highlight, with red accents for details, which perfectly matches the taste of Jordan sneakers. Let's take a look together now

The Air jordan 4 infrared reps with unbeatable texture

How many layers can a color display?

  jordan 4 infrared reps returned to the center of the stage with its appearance from the beginning of 1989, showcasing its popular style, profound history, and distinctive personality. The electric neon color from another famous classic style, Tinker Hatfield, is paired with various shades of gray to create a versatile and eye-catching look. The unique "side panel" allows you to create your own shoelace tying method; Black decoration enhances contrast, making eye-catching infrared details more eye-catching; The Air cushioning system provides satisfactory comfort. The infrared Air jordan 4 infrared reps, which has repeatedly skipped tickets, has finally been confirmed to officially launch in mid month.

  As the date approaches, the effect of the upper leg also appears online, allowing us to see it first! The gray gradient of the shoe body is interpreted with matte leather, and the details are complemented by black. The shoelace buckle and tongue Jumpman logo are infused with eye-catching infrared accents.

How does it look?

  The overall visual experience is quite similar to the 2013 Grey Green Air Jodan 4 "Glow Green". Nowadays, the market price of the former has exceeded the 4K mark and remains high. This time, it is reinterpreted with infrared elements, which is undoubtedly a good alternative for loved ones. The upper foot effect has a unique and gradual layered texture, while details exude exquisite and eye-catching vitality, making it a rare masterpiece in the Air jordan 4 reps family this year.

  The Air jordan 4 reps was born in the 1988-89 season and accompanied Michael Jordan in a series of classic moments. Since its release more than thirty years ago, the Air jordan 4 reps has always been a highly regarded shoe. This time, we will welcome a new "infrared" themed color scheme - the Air jordan 4 infrared reps, with gray as the main color tone and different shades of gray, creating a rich upper texture. The shoelace buckle, tongue Jumpman logo, tongue lining, and insole are all adorned with bright red, which stands out and directly impacts the color theme under the understated gray of the shoe. Details such as shoelaces, mesh, and heel TPU are accented in black, and finally paired with a white outsole to create a rich visual effect for the shoe, transitioning from deep to light.

What are his characteristics?

  This year's newly released pair of infrared color schemes, jordan 4 infrared reps, are truly stunning! The design is full of details and should become the bag of many trendsettersThe object.Padded shoes are made of several different shades of gray matte leather, with a strong sense of layering, making the entire pair of shoes look more textured. The tongue area includes both sides of the tongueMesh technology fabric is more breathable At the same time, the convex upper has a sense of layering.

  The uniqueness lies in the shoe market buckle, the tongue of the shoe flying like LOGO, and the red contrasting details of the shoe Dachen and Jianmian Neicun, which make the entire pair of shoes less monotonous and dull. The color scheme, combined with sole air cushion and wear-resistant outsole, not only extends the ultra high appearance value of the exterior color scheme, but also adds practicality.

  I believe it's an irresistible color scheme, and it's a waste to wear! Suitable for trendsetters to get started!

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