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The all-new BAPE STA Richao Ape Head injects rebellious genes into the all-new BAPE STA shoe?

Aug 07, 2023 | bgosneakers | Hot Sale Reps | 0 | 30 | 0

  The all-new This bape sta reps STA Richao Ape Head injects rebellious genes into the all-new BAPE STA shoe?Japanese veteran street brand A BATHING APE, which is often referred to as "ape head" or "ease ape", has always been regarded as an indicator of Japanese street fashion. This autumn, the BAPE STA shoe under the Ape Head brand continues to make efforts, inspired by the "STREET HYBRID", to launch a new BAPE STA shoe specifically designed for street superstars, showcasing high-end luxury texture and urban fashion style design.

The all-new BAPE STA Richao Ape Head injects rebellious genes into the all-new BAPE STA shoe?

 The creative concept of "STREET HYBRID" is to deconstruct and reshape contrasting creativity and styles, explore the coordination in mixing and matching techniques, and form a unique combination. The all-new BAPE STA series adopts the STREET HYBRID creative technique to blend and collide classic symbols, popular colors, and advanced materials, showcasing the core of street spirit while injecting avant-garde temperament with a new look. This new product includes two shoe styles, BAPE SK8 STA and BAPE BLOCK STA HI, tailored for daily wear. The soft foot feel gives the street look a full sense of comfort. It is reported that the new BAPE SK8 STA comes in four color options: gray green, white orange, black silver, and white silver. The STA logo is made of suede and patent leather materials, embellished with shiny metal elements; The shoe body is composed of colorful leather panels and is equipped with BAPE's iconic camouflage pattern, enriching the shoe design. And BAPE BLOCK STA HI focuses on a retro white green color formula, with the overall body made of soft and delicate lychee grain leather, giving it a more advanced texture. The sole is made of rubber material, which is lightweight and flexible, allowing you to run freely on the streets. It is reported that the new BAPE STA shoe will be released on September 19th.

Is a new bape sta reps? considered a luxury item?

  Bages were once luxury goods.As the former Asia's number one street trendy brand The all-new bape sta reps, its value and popularity are obvious to all, and its position in the trend circle is unquestionable. But under the current transformation, Bape has become a more popular and affordable trendy brand that almost everyone can afford.

  And now, BAPE or AAPE, which everyone can afford, is actually the healthiest way to operate as a street brand, because street clothing has been completely opposed to luxury goods in the upper class since its inception. Affordability is its foundation, and many street brands today can be said to have deviated from their original intentions.

  The commercial capital of T commercial capital brings more abundant conditions and a greater supply to BAPE, but it also reduces its added value of "scarcity is precious", but its popularity is increasing day by day.

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