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The beauty of minimalist design! Fake Jordan 4 reps Military Black looks great

Jul 11, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 27 | 0

  The Air Jordan 4 has always been the king of the AJ series. Although AJ1 was popular in the past few years, it has gradually declined in recent years. Only the Air fake jordan 4 military black  is always a must-have item in the shoe cabinet, and classic color schemes are even more difficult to find. Today, a pair of AJ4 that looks like "white cement" has released a physical image, and just by looking at its appearance, it can be seen that it is another high-quality pair. Let's walk into these shoes with the editor today

The beauty of minimalist design! Fake Jordan 4 reps Military Black looks great

Why say The beauty of minimalist design! Fake Jordan 4 reps Military Black looks great?

  Following the 'Canyon Purple', the Air fake jordan 4 military black will soon continue to feature a new color scheme called 'Military Black'. This shoe first received spy photos in the autumn of 2021 and is expected to debut in the spring and summer of this year. The overall design continues the same theme of 'Military Blue', based on an all white leather upper, injecting black contrast into the heel patch, plastic eyelets, tongue Jumpman logo, midsole connection, and other positions. The suede material on the toe is also a detail. Jordan Brand will release the new Air Fake Jordan 4 reps Military Black looks great" color scheme as part of its 2022 Spring/Summer collection. This Air Jordan 4 will feature color blocks similar to the 'Military Blue' version, but all blue details will be replaced with black. The rest of the shoe features a white leather sole with a neutral gray overlay. White, black, and gray will all appear on the rubber outsole. The appearance of the fake jordan 4 military black was selected by retailers and released by Nike on May 21st.

  For decades, numerous Dunk shoe styles have adopted popular color schemes, textures, and prints, making them classics. This Dunk Low 'Patchwork' continues the classic. Featuring eye-catching colors such as cyan, electroplated purple, and light curry yellow, paired with animal fur prints, and meticulously combining multiple materials that showcase Nike's design essence, creating a self quilted visual effect that pays tribute to various popular elements of the past. This shoe is made of high-quality materials to create an outstanding appearance, aimed at paying tribute to the past while showcasing future style through a bold design. The overall color scheme is quite similar to the 2016 replica of "White Cement", with white as the main color scheme and black gray accents, which can easily adapt to various daily wearing styles. The biggest difference lies in the removal of the red part in the color scheme and the splashing ink design on the midsole. The classic elements of splashing ink are preserved on the shoe box.

How to match it to look better?

  The jordan 4 military black reps  not only excels in appearance and performance, but also has endless possibilities for pairing. The black tone of this shoe makes it suitable for various clothing styles. Whether it is sportswear or Casual wear, it can easily match with a fashionable look. You can pair it with various bottoms such as jeans, sports pants, shorts, etc. to showcase your unique fashion style.

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