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The birth of what are Jordan 4 reps Flight series.

May 21, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 18 | 0

  The Air Jordan series is the most successful basketball shoe series, and every pair of shoes in this series has been recorded in history and become a classic. However, even the greatest products are not perfect from the beginning, and the AirJordan series is no exception. If the initial Air Jordan series mainly focused on surface craftsmanship, then starting with the Air 4 reps, this series finally has a true soul. Why does The birth of what are Jordan 4 reps Flight series? Let's go find the answer together

The birth of what are Jordan 4 reps Flight series.

  What is the background of Fligh's birth?

  The emergence of the Jordan 4 reps the first to clarify that the AirJordan series will complement and learn from the Flight series, and it is also the first to propose the concept of guard basketball shoes. In the era when Force basketball shoes dominated the market, the nascent Flight series was weak. Flight symbolized flight, and the players who used the Flight series were some pilots working above the rebounds. Those who had excellent bouncing skills were called Flight, who often brought the most exciting performances and were the most popular characters on the basketball court. Jordan was a representative of this type of player, So the Air Jordan 4 reps launched in 1989 and the Air Flight 89 launched the same year became the first two pairs of sneakers to use the Flight logo, and their appearance also heralded the birth of the Flight series.

  Although the Jordan 4 reps is currently the only Air Jordan basketball shoe to have the Flight logo, the design philosophy of the Flight series is fully integrated into the design of the AirJordan series, which has also led the Air Jordan series to develop towards lightweight and speed. This spirit of forever soaring has deeply integrated into the soul of the AirJordan series, It can be said that the Air Jordan 4 is like a rebirth of the entire Air Jordan series, or rather a nirvana.

what are Jordan 4 reps ?

  The truly revolutionary design is the mesh material on the upper of the Air jordan 4 reps. Before the emergence of the Air Jordan 4, basketball shoes had always appeared in a thick image, while the mesh material that used to only appear on running shoes first appeared on basketball shoes. This material not only greatly reduced the weight of the shoes, liberated the wearer's feet, but also made a qualitative change in the breathability of basketball shoes, Athletes no longer need to wear airtight "boots" to compete on the field, and the flexibility of the mesh material also greatly improves the stretchability of the jordan 4 reps, significantly improving its auxiliary effect on athletes' directional changes and starting. These are all great reforms of the jordan 4 reps, or rather the reforms brought to the entire basketball industry by the Air Jordan 4, but a small creativity has driven the development of the entire basketball shoe product.

What's Special about jordan 4 reps?

  Unlike the previous generation's design approach, Tinker hopes to make a breakthrough in the performance of the jordan 4 reps . For the first time, it uses duraback material to create an upper, combined with polyurethane material and wrapped mesh technology, to achieve both lightweight and heat dissipation. The back section of the shoe adds support wings to improve stability and ankle wrapping, marking a new era of Nike sneaker planning with the first flight logo on the tongue, The midsole continues the configuration of the AJ3, featuring front and rear air cushions, and a visible windowed air cushion in the back palm.

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