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The collision and inheritance between the classic Jordan 4 red thunder reps.

Jul 06, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 40 | 0

  Today, let's talk about Jordan 4 red thunder reps together

The collision and inheritance between the classic Jordan 4 red thunder reps.

Why is it said to be a classic fusion?

  The Air jordan 4 reps was born in the 1988-89 season Accompanied by Michael Jordan, reap a series of classic momentsSince its inception over 30 years ago The Air Jordan 4 has long been a highly regarded shoe model Michael Jordan once created aThe Air Jordan 4 in a brand new black and red outfit Can't help but remind people of classic shoes The all-new Air Jordan 4 "Red Thunder Gathering Classic Black and Red Dresses A color scheme similar to the Air Jordan 4 "Thunder"

  The collision between classics  jordan 4 red thunder reps The overall color scheme is very similar to the black and yellow "Leigong" AJ4 Thunder released in 2012 Therefore, he was crowned with the title of "Red Thunder God". The colors of Thunder are almost identical. You can call this color scheme Red Thunder, and some overseas people directly refer to it as Red Thunder. The heel features the Jumpman logo, and the tongue still features the reverse Air Jordan lettering, without any new details. This time, men's shoes are available in women's sizes, with a minimum size of 36.5. Girls can also wear them!

What are its characteristics?

  The classic black and red color scheme is an eternal classic in the Air Jordan series, with many new color schemes continuing the black and red design in addition to the original version. Recently, a new black and red Air Jordan 4 has been released. The upper is made of the same nubuck leather material as the classic black and red, with an outstanding texture. Compared to the black and red color scheme of the original year, the proportion of red is higher, with red embellishments on the shoelace buckle, the interior of the shoe mesh, and the midsole.

  The shoe body is made of nubuck leather material, and the Jumpman logo and Flight logo on the tongue are presented in white and red, respectively. The classic elements of the Air Jordan 4, including lace buckles, side mesh, and midsole, are all rendered in red. Compared to the black and red color scheme of the first year, the proportion of red is higher. The Jumpman logo, also crafted in a white tone, is particularly prominent on a black toned outsole.The Air Jordan 4 has always been one of the most classic and valuable Jordan Brand products, and foreigners have a special love for the AJ3 and AJ4. Large sizes have always been at a high premium. At present, the price has dropped, and friends who like it, especially those in large sizes, must not miss it

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