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The more you look, the better it looks! The 'Special Version' BAPE reps STA debuted this week!

Aug 22, 2023 | bgosneakers | Hot Sale Reps | 1 | 31 | 1

  As a bape sta reps this year ® In its thirtieth year of establishment, new products and co branding emerged endlessly.

The more you look, the better it looks! The 'Special Version' BAPE reps  STA debuted this week!

  Recently, BAPE ®  We have launched a brand new summer outdoor themed SK8 STA shoe that blends functional attributes with the brand's iconic aesthetic genes, presenting a strong street charm. In terms of color scheme, two natural color schemes, Mountain Brown and Lake Sea Blue, are used to showcase people, which are very eye-catching while maintaining their versatility.

Where is the Special Version 'BAPE reps special?

  The shoe body is wrapped in anti tearing mesh fabric, suede, and calf leather, providing excellent texture while ensuring good outdoor performance. The shoelace has been upgraded from a traditional version to an elastic shoelace, providing continuous protection during outdoor activities such as hiking and hiking.

  Finally, the durable and anti slip outsole with splashed ink design is used to complete the overall design, and it can easily handle both rocky paths and slippery roads.

  It is reported that two new BAPEs ® SK8STA will be in BAPE on July 8th ® Official mall of mini program, BAPE of Dewu ® Brand specific, BAPE ® The official flagship store and major offline stores of Tmall are available for sale at a price of ¥ 2099 yuan.Interested friends can pay more attention.

Regarding the issue of BAPE factory goods and purchasing agents?

  The landlord is quite familiar with BAPE, which can be divided into Chinese and Nissan. Typically, things like shark zippered hoodies and starry sky sharks are all made in Japan. BAPE has OEM factories in Shanghai and Guangdong, China, which means there will be tail goods. The remaining goods are from orders received by the factory, and some are eliminated due to defects. As is well known, the label of the bag is supplied by Japanese customers, and the current technology in China cannot be replicated. Then let's talk about the current situation of micro business circles and purchasing circles, and some novices can learn about it. The domestic short sleeved wash label and sleeve label of BAPE are basically universal, without a product number, which leads to some big guys obtaining real labels through some means and then making some real and fake clothes. It is still easy to distinguish through some printing details. Let's talk about the identification of bags. The identification of bags requires the original packaging bags and tags, which means that both factory goods and genuine counterfeit goods cannot pass the identification. So what if some agents get hang tags and original packaging bags? In my opinion, the water purchased on behalf of others is deeper than the water in micro business districts. Why do you say that? The profit from selling and purchasing clothing made from factory and genuine counterfeit goods, paired with original packaging bags and tags, is indeed considerable.

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