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The new bape sta reps condenses minimalist aesthetics

Aug 03, 2023 | bgosneakers | Hot Sale Reps | 0 | 19 | 0

  Since its birth in 2000, bape sta reps has created many long-lasting topic shoes with its exquisite and unique color scheme and material application. The upcoming BAPE STA brand new series interprets minimalist aesthetics with inspiration from dual color stitching. The entire upper is made of premium calf leather material, equipped with four minimalist color plates that exude street style; Among them, the green lake water color scheme and black and white panda color scheme are the flagship items of the series, with versatile properties that make daily styling stand out freely and easily adapt to popular changes. Let's take a look together today

The new bape sta reps condenses minimalist aesthetics

What is a bape?

  A BATHING APE (BAPE) was born in the heart of Ura-Harajuku, Japan, in 1993. It has always been regarded as an indicator of Japanese street fashion, and its unique style is highly sought after worldwide. A BAThing APE has created many timeless classic designs, such as the "APE HEAD" ape head, the "BAPE CAMO" ape camouflage, the "BAPE STATM" logo, the "SHARK HOODIE" shark hoodie, and the "BABY MILO" pattern. With the increasing customer base, brands have successively launched Mr Subtitle brands such as BATHING APE, AAPE, BAPY, and APEE by A BATHING APE women's clothing collection and BABY MILO store are expanding their business in different customer segments and continuing to grow. At the same time, A BATHING APE is not only a clothing brand, but also involves in art exhibitions, coffee shops, makeup, perfume, furniture and toys and other lifestyle categories, integrating the brand into all aspects of fans' life. At present, A BAThing APE has over 40 specialized stores located around the world, including Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, South Korea, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates.

The new bape sta reps BAPE trendy shoes restart classic, "plagiarism" angers Nike?

  After appearing in the sneaker market for 22 years, "Bape Sta" still received a lawsuit from Nike in 2023. According to media reports, Nike, a well-known sports brand, filed a lawsuit with USAPE LLC, the company responsible for running the business of BAPE (hereinafter referred to as "ape head") in the United States, on the ground of "copying patent design" in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, the United States, earlier this year.

  According to the report, in Nike's 28 page lawsuit, a horizontal comparison was made between some of Nike's classic styles and the current popular selling styles of the Ape Head, to prove that multiple other shoe models can be found on Nike's product line.

  The Bape Sta is indeed very popular. It is not only loved by celebrities and trendsetters, but also pursued by sneaker players. However, it cannot be denied that it is very similar to Nike's AF1.

Ignite the fuse and replicate the popular sneakers?

  The current shoe design of the Ape Head revolves around Nike's iconic design reproduction. This copying behavior is unacceptable in the past and present. The infringement of the Ape Head has posed a significant threat to Nike, and Nike must take action to protect its rights now, "Nike said in the lawsuit.

  The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter noticed that the focus of Nike's lawsuit is that the five shoe series under Ape Head, including "Bape Sta", "Bape Sta Mid", and "Court Sta High", are too similar to classic designs such as Nike's "Air Force1" and "Air Jordan 1".

  It is undeniable that apart from the different logos and some details, the appearance of the two sneakers is indeed very similar. "Shoe enthusiast Zhao Cen analyzed to reporters," People who are not familiar with sneakers are difficult to distinguish from the upper, and only from the logo on the side of the shoe can they know which brand it is

  According to materials submitted by Nike, the first suspected infringing shoe of the Ape Head entered the market in 2005. Over the next decade, the other party successively launched multiple suspected plagiarism shoes.

  Nike stated that the reason for not resorting to legal action before was because the other party had a small business scale and lacked coherence before 2021.

  The reporter learned that Nike took the initiative to contact the other party in 2009 to discuss issues related to plagiarism design. This meeting resulted in Ape Head closing most of its US stores and significantly reducing its activities in the United States. In the following years, Ape Head redesigned sneakers to reduce their similarity to Nike sneakers.

  Starting from 2021, the brand resumed the initial design, which also caught Nike's attention and decided to file a lawsuit.Nike requests the court to order a ban on the sale of related infringing shoes by Ape Head and demand corresponding compensation from it.

  Perhaps Nike didn't care before, but with the gradual increase in the status and influence of The new bape sta reps among players in the past two years, it has also driven its sales to explode. This will inevitably have an impact on the sales and status of its own sneakers in the industry.

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