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The travis scott jordan 4 reps coupe luxury edition is on sale!

Jul 04, 2023 | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 14 | 0

  Famous American rapper Travis Scott collaborated with Jordan Brand to create a coupe Air travis scott jordan 4 reps in the first half of 2018. Its shoes won high praise from fans and sparked a buying frenzy once they were released.

The travis scott jordan 4 reps coupe luxury edition is on sale!

  In the promotion and release of Jordan Brand this year, the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 is definitely a highly anticipated item, and multiple color matching releases will also appear in later releases. However, compared to the color schemes that have already been released, the Travis Scott x Air jordan 4 reps

   "Friends&Family" appears quite precious. And this limited color scheme has already been exposed in earlier reports, and now complete detailed photos are also directly displayed. What can be seen is that the iconic Air travis scott jordan 4 reps  shoe design is still guaranteed, with a highlighted color scheme in gray and black. In addition, the details still emphasize Travis Scott's personal design colors, with clear details to maintain a stable texture throughout the shoe. The red NIKE logo on the heel can be said to be a finishing detail. However, as it is limited by family and friends, everyone should feel it through the pictures! The first pair of the most popular co branded new works of this month will finally be officially released, and as the first commercially available color scheme for the travis scott jordan 4 reps, many people have already wanted to get started.Let's take a look together

Do you have any other styles for the travis scott jordan 4 reps

  The shoe features a color similar to North Carolina blue as the main tone, inspired by the rugby team Houston Oilers from Travis Scott's hometown, with a rich overall detail. In addition to the eye-catching splashing ink, the heel also features Travis Scott's brand logo "Cactus Jack", and the inner tongue features an embroidered "Travis Scott" logo, along with a suede tag with the same theme. The joint brand will be officially launched on Nike's domestic website at 9am on June 9th, with a selling price of ¥ 1499 RMB. The current market price is close to ¥ 4000 yuan, so don't miss it!

  And in the later stage, we also reported on the limited color scheme of the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 for family and friends. The cool color scheme paired with the classic shoe shape made everyone envious after reading it. This time, the famous overseas customized item TheShoeSurgeon has launched a luxurious version of the travis scott jordan 4 reps in exclusive color matching for family and friends.

  The shoe still features the travis scott jordan 4 reps as the shoe base, with the desert cactus style military green color scheme as the main color scheme, supplemented by black lines, and the leather is decorated with cactus style soft leather protrusions that are close to the theme design

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