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Travis Scott's "family and friend limited" replacement! Air taupe haze jordan 4 reps

Jun 02, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 13 | 0

  As a popular shoe in the Air Jordan series, the Air jordan 4 reps Has consistently performed well, not only receiving attention for the first year's fish pairing, but also bringing in many heavyweight collaborations. This time it brings an equally surprising new color scheme called taupe haze jordan 4 reps resembling the Travis Scott co branding Style, also known as a flat shoe with the Little Travis Scott color scheme. Today we'll talk about it

Travis Scott's "family and friend limited" replacement! Air taupe haze jordan 4 reps

What are taupe haze jordan 4 reps characteristics?

  The entire pair of shoes is mainly gray brown, with shoelaces, shoelace buckles, and inner The durable outsole is presented in a stable black color, and the upper is made of large area suede material, showcasing a refined texture. Inner tongue, Jumpman logo And the insole is adorned with bright red and features a front black and back white middle

  The bottom design balances the visual dullness. It is worth mentioning that some uppers have been specially treated to show the one-day effect of cracking. At the same time, this is also a very interesting tear music design. The inner layer after tearing is light khaki color, which contrasts with the brown suede of the shoe body The effect is highly recognizable.

What is its style?

  Firstly, the design style of the taupe haze jordan 4 reps shoe is unique. It adopts the classic jordan 4 reps shoe shape as the foundation, but innovates and improves on details. The  taupe haze jordan 4 reps shoe features a light gray tone, paired with dark brown details to showcase a low-key and luxurious temperament. This simple and fashionable design style makes the taupe haze jordan 4 reps a classic yet modern shoe.

How much will Air taupe haze jordan 4  resell for?

  StockX market data shows that the Air Jordan 4 Retro "Taupe Haze" reached a 52-week high of $393 and is currently selling for an average price of $266.

Can I wear it to play basketball?

  Secondly, the taupe haze jordan 4 reps emphasizes comfort and performance. The upper is made of high-quality leather and mesh material, which not only has good breathability but also provides foot support and stability. The sole is made of wear-resistant rubber material, providing good grip and durability. These design details make the taupe haze jordan 4 reps not only suitable for daily wear, but also for high-intensity activities such as basketball.

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