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Trendy Chronicles | Rare bape sta reps Ghost Shoes You Haven't Seen Before Rare bape sta reps

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  Trend Brand Sharing | The strongest bone ash collector in China, bape sta reps believes that having a full wall of sneakers is not uncommon for most shoe enthusiasts, but having a full wall of bape sta reps is undoubtedly a Bape fan. In recent years, bape sta reps has become a fashion show for casual shoes, quickly becoming popular among celebrities, making it versatile and easy to wear with different themes, no matter what theme you like, There are always many Bape STA styles to choose your favorite shoe, and the "Top Buyer Store" has collected dozens of highly valuable Bape STA shoes, each with its own story!

Trendy Chronicles | Rare bape sta reps  Ghost Shoes You Haven't Seen Before Rare bape sta reps

  Today we are going to share the BAPE STA shoe trend that you have never seen before 🕒 bape sta reps shoe product line has basically covered the memories of the fourth generation after the 85-00 generation, with one extremely rare and only existing for a very short period of time, successfully avoiding the vision of most bape sta repsfans. His name is also bape sta reps, but it is a third-party joint brand with two other Japanese trendy brands.

What are the Rare bape sta reps shoes?

  one ⃣ The full name of the shoe is BAPE STA x MADFOOT! X master piece (MSPC). Among them, the orange white color scheme is a tripartite collaboration, while the black purple color scheme is a collaboration between BAPE and MSPC. In 2006, BAPE and MSPC also launched two yellow green STA shoes.

  two ⃣ MADFOOT! Founded in 2001 as a trendy Japanese shoe brand, the shoe style is also visually appealing, drawing on classic shoe styles from many other brands. It was sold in China in the early years. It is quite niche, but there have also been collaborations with brands such as Junya Wantanabe and X-LARGE.

  three ⃣ MSPC is another trendy Japanese brand founded in Osaka in 1994. Its main products are bags, and its product style can be summarized as "mountain style+function+retro". It has also been rumored that Visvim imitates MSPC and is a very active brand in joint planning.

  four ⃣ This bape sta reps bape sta reps tripartite co branded shoe model is numbered FS-017 and item number 000000 165. It can be inferred that its release year is around 2004-2005, and there are no more than five color schemes released. Its existence is extremely short, and many other Nike and AJ shoe models can be seen above. Welcome to have a better understanding. This shoe is an extremely isolated member in the BAPE family tree, with no store in front of the village and no store behind it. From the perspective of rarity, it is a panda like existence.

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