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Understand everything! Two pairs of best Simplicity bape sta reps open the box and put them on!

Aug 04, 2023 | bgosneakers | Hot Sale Reps | 0 | 14 | 0

  Unconsciously, bape sta reps ® Having celebrated his 30th birthday, as one of the pioneers of street trends, he has always been regarded as an enlightening brand for countless players.

Understand everything! Two pairs of best Simplicity  bape sta reps open the box and put them on!

  Coincidentally on the anniversary, BAPE ®  Based on the classic STA, more new color schemes have been introduced, not only pleasing but also versatile, making it a must-have "treasure trove" for spring!Today, the editor will bring you unpacking and hiking to see if you have been planted with grass!

Where is minimalism?

  As best Simplicity  bape sta reps One of its most classic shoe styles, STA always appears in bright and colorful color schemes, but this time it takes a versatile and minimalist path. The upper is presented in a large area of pure white, and the material is made of smooth patent leather, only embellished with color at the laces and tongue. The metal "ape man" shoelace buckle is embellished on the front section, which is also full of delicacy. The tongue of the shoe continues to be made of patent leather material, and the upper woven logo is embroidered with STA's exclusive logo, highlighting the shoe's identity. The star logo on the side is one of the most recognizable details of STA, and has a groove edge design that corresponds to the color of the shoelace. The three-dimensional BAPE lettering on the midsole is still a familiar design and can be considered the biggest highlight on a pure white midsole. Finally, there is the heel, excluding the classic BAPE ®  In addition to the logo, the slightly layered design is also very eye-catching.

best Simplicity  bape sta reps have any other colors?

  Along with the white and red styles, this pair of white and green colors appears to be more visually understated. Especially in recent times, the trend circle has a strong love for retro green, so these pairs may become a favorite for more players. The remaining details are completely consistent with the white and red color scheme, bringing a street trend style that has not been outdated for 30 years.

  Sure enough, BAPE ®  The upper leg effect of STA will never be disappointed, coupled with the white design this time, making the outfit simpler

Is the bape sta reps on fire?

  bape sta reps Definitely one of the most active shoe styles this year. BAPE this summer ®  Bring a newly designed BAPE SK8 STA. Today's unpacked pair is dominated by black and red. The red meteor logo is extremely eye-catching. The vamp made of suede leather and varnished leather brings a unique high-level texture, demonstrating the sexy charm of Dark chocolate color and flame red. There is a number "93" on the heel of the shoe, representing BAPE ®  The year of its birth is very detailed. Recently best Simplicity bape sta reps ™  So hot, won't you have a pair this summer.

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