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What are the most classic bag sta reps

Aug 29, 2023 | bgosneakers | Hot Sale Reps | 0 | 25 | 0

  Recently, many friends have come to ask me about the classic styles of bape sta reps. Today, I will answer for everyone

What are the most classic bag sta reps

  Here are some classic styles from the BAPE STA collection:

  BAPE STA 1st Camo: This shoe features BAPE's iconic camouflage pattern, making it one of the most famous styles in the BAPE STA collection.

  BAPE STA College: This shoe is inspired by a college style design, using different colors of leather and details, showcasing a combination of classic and fashion.

  BAPE STA Metallic: Designed with metal materials and colors, this shoe has a unique glossy effect under light.

  BAPE STA x COMME des GAR Å ONS PLAY: The style launched by BAPE in collaboration with COMME des GAR Å ONS PLAY combines the elements of the two brands and is highly loved by fans.

  BAPE STA Low: The low cut design of BAPE STA is more suitable for summer and daily wear, and is also a classic in the series.

  BAPE STA Camo Reflective: A camouflage pattern that reflects when exposed to light, enhancing the visual effect of the shoe.

Which is your favorite in the The most classic bag sta reps camouflage series?

  one ⃣ Starry Sky CamoπŸ” My top 1 night lighting effect is cool, low-key during the day, and essential for nightclubs on the street at night

  two ⃣ Tiger pattern camouflage πŸ”œ I have a tiger patterned camouflage small head that was bought on the official Japanese website and has been taxed for over 100 yuan πŸ˜‚ But it still doesn't affect my love for him. It seems like tiger prints haven't been released in recent years

  three ⃣ Classic ABC

  πŸ”œ This color scheme has a variety of colors, and the most common one is blue camouflage (my favorite), green camouflage, and pink camouflage. The classic version that must be released every year is also the shark sweater, which is a signature style that must be included every time it is released

four ⃣ Original year green camouflage

  β˜‘οΈ The first generation of Bape camo is based on jungle camouflage. I have a very classic yellow camouflage sweater style. If you like military style, then I recommend you get the first generation camo

  Summary:Like military style with 1st camo or tiger pattern I like cool wind and starry night glow camouflage Likes individuality and fashion, enters classic ABCAfter hearing so much, are there any styles you want? If so, let's take action

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