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What grade is the Japanese trendy Bape Second line Bape Is Bape so expensive worth buying?

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  BAPE belongs to the mid to high-end and second tier brands. bape sta reps is a fashion brand commonly known as the Ape Head, produced in Japan. People claim to be inspired by a certain model of watch (not only Rolex, but also other brands).

What grade is the Japanese trendy Bape Second line Bape Is Bape so expensive worth buying?

  Bape is a Japanese trendy brand founded in 1993 and headquartered in Tokyo. The full brand name is "A Bathing Ape". The founder is currently KENZO Creative Director - trendsetter Nigo.

  The logo of BAPE is a gorilla avatar, which has become one of the core elements of the BAPE brand.The initial inspiration for the Bape logo came from the movie 'Star Wars'.

  Founder Nigo saw the battle suit helmet worn by "Luke Skywalker" in the movie and decided to turn it into the brand's logo. The Shark Hoodie hoodie with a shark mouth pattern is one of Bape's iconic products.

  For a long time, the Bape Shark Hoodie was a standard accessory for celebrities in the entertainment industry and also a ticket for trendsetters. Bape has a high positioning, with a T-shirt priced between 800 to 2000 yuan and a jacket priced between 3000 to 6000 yuan, making the co branded version even more expensive.

  Overall, it belongs to the high-end category among trendy brands. But there have been quite a lot of market disputes in the past two years. If you are a loyal Bape fan and have a sufficient budget, their products are certainly worth acquiring.

  If you just like Bape's design style, there are many trendy brands with lower positioning and more cost-effective options to choose from.

Where the hell is Bape?

  If Asia wants to choose the most impressive street brand, it must be A BAThing APE.As the earliest successful street brand in Asia, Bage founded by Nigo can be said to have unparalleled popularity. It is popular in Asia, as well as Europe and America. Rap stars Kanye, Fei Dong, and other top tier celebrities have also been his fans. Even if you look at the diverse street trends today, you cannot find an Asian brand like A BAThing APE

What is the height of the Second line Bape reps sole?

  The heel height is about 3 centimeters.Bapesta is a shoe brand produced by the Bape brand, belonging to the mid-range shoe brand. The overall design of the shoe type is based on the af1 shoe. Except for the change of the shoe logo and the sole letter logo, the shoe type is basically the same.

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