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Which is the best-selling yeezy slide reps for sale

May 23, 2023 | bgosneakers | yeezy slides reps | 0 | 10 | 0

  Price increase warning! The demand for adidas YEEZY has skyrocketed. Many friends are very fond of yeezy slides reps and want to know which one has the highest sales volume among so many styles. Today, let's discuss it together.

Which is the best-selling yeezy slide reps for sale

Why has the yeezy slide reps for sale increased significantly?

  Due to Kanye's recent anti Semitic remarks, Adidas has officially terminated its partnership with him.After this measure, many speculate that despite Kanye's reputation being damaged, the current resale market demand for existing adidas YEEZY products may skyrocket, and this is indeed the case. According to a report from the sports shoe trading platform Tradeblock on Wednesday, confirmed adidas YEEZY shoe transactions increased by 2.5%, and the number of users adding products to shopping carts increased by about 10%.

  Tradeblock also pointed out that Adidas yeezy slide reps for sale jumped 26 places on the platform's list of the highest transaction volume, from 33rd to 7th.

  Google search data shows that after adidas announced its abandonment of the contract, online searches for the keyword "Sell Yeezy" surged by 581% worldwide.

The best-selling YEEZY slide reps is?

  Meanwhile, according to data from the StockX trading website, out of the 10 most popular products in the past three days, 7 were adidas YEEZY slide reps shoes.The website ranks first with adidas YEEZY Slide "Bone" reps, with sales exceeding 2750 transactions; Then came the third ranked adidas YEEZY Slide "Onyx", with 1537 transactions; Following closely behind was adidas YEEZY Foam Runner 'Onyx', with sales of 1281 transactions.


Adidas' future plans about YEEZY slide reps?

  Adam Ohlmeyer, Chief Financial Officer of Adidas, stated in a statement: "In early September, consumer demand in the Western market slowed down, and the situation in Greater China further deteriorated... Inventory in the entire industry significantly increased, leading to an increase in promotional activities for the rest of this year, which will put greater pressure on our profitability

  However, Adidas stated that it is expected that sales performance will recover next year. The company stated that costs related to the Russian market will no longer occur, and its buffer plan against inflation and rising costs will increase profits by approximately 200 million euros in the 2023 fiscal year.

  In addition, Adidas' performance this quarter is also related to the delisting of the Yeezy series. Prior to Ye's controversial events and recent anti Semitic comments, Adidas ended its sneaker partnership with Ye. After ending its partnership with Ye, its sales data decreased by nearly two-thirds.

  According to Morgan Stanley, Yeezy products generated nearly $2 billion in sales for adidas last year, accounting for 8% of the company's total sales. This product line also helped Adidas attract new customer groups.

  Adidas stated that ending the partnership resulted in the company losing $500 million in revenue and over $250 million in profits. However, Adidas will continue to sell the series of sports shoes and clothing products after removing Yeezy's name and brand. Selling this series as adidas' own brand will save the company approximately $300 million in licensing and marketing expenses.

  However, Darcey Jupp, an analyst at data service company Global Data, said that continuing to sell the series at adidas would be a mistake


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