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Why do Ape Man BAPE celebrities like to wear?

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  Today, let's talk about why bape sta reps is so popular

Why do Ape Man BAPE celebrities like to wear?

  Harajuku, Japan BAPE is a famous street fashion brand born in Harajuku, Japan. Its full name is "A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water", which means "Ape Man of an Easy Life". In the Chinese language region, it is called the 'ape head', also known as the 'ease ape'. The name comes from the 1968 American science fiction film "Planet of the Apes".

  The leading brand of Japan's Harajuku, Bape, was founded by designer Nigo, who graduated from the Japanese Academy of Culture and Fashion, in November 1993. The logo of "Comfort Ape" was designed by Shinichiro Nakamura. Bape began with T-shirts and gradually gained popularity among trendsetters in Japan due to its unique design and limited supply. Afterwards, designer Nigo began to slowly design other clothing, and to this day, there have been numerous sub brands such as women's clothing, children's clothing, and shoes. Any product with this "comfort ape" pattern will become a hot pursuit among people.

  The Bape (EasyApe) women's clothing brand BAPYBusyWorkingLady, which emerged in 2001, is aimed at the young OfficeLady group and has little to do with its original inspiration. Its designer is KIKO, and the clothing is played with cute elements such as ice cream and leopard prints. In addition to Bape, the little monkey called BABYMILO, which mostly appears in women's and children's clothing products, is the representative work of Bape's toy series.

  The full name of the leading brand Bape in Harajuku, Japan, is "A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water", which means the Ape Man of Easy Life. It was founded by designer Nigo, who graduated from the Japanese Academy of Culture and Fashion, in November 1993. The logo of "Ease Ape" is designed by Shinichiro Nakamura. The logo of A Bathing Ape sometimes appears under other names, such as "Bape", "A.S.N.K.A", "Ape General", "Busy Work Shop", "FootSoldier" and "Bapexclusive" Founder Jiming Nagao founded "A Bating Ape in Lukewarm Water" in November 1993. Like other designers from the Harajuku department, he also graduated from the Tokyo Institute of Culture and Fashion. However, BAPE's logo was not created by him, but was designed by his friend, a prominent representative of Harajuku culture and illustrator Shinichiro Nakamura, who spent a week designing it. BAPE has many sub cards below: BAPEST, Aape, Baby, and Baby Milo.

  The popularity of celebrities such as Tadao Asano, Ayumi Icahiro, Andy Lau, Luo Zhixiang, Edison Chen, Wu Riyan, and Mai Junlong, coupled with the tireless bombardment of various trendy magazines, has led to the unbeaten BAPE Empire.

Which star wear Ape Man BAPE reps?

  What Shoes to Choose to Watch a Week of Celebrity Footwear Collection Hello everyone, it's time for the weekly celebrity shoe inventory. Let's take a look at some of the treasure shoes that have been favored by celebrity Idols this week. As a popular trendy brand in the celebrity industry, Bape can be considered the ancestor of the past. The BAPE STA series of shoes that have returned strongly in the past two years have been sold by a group of celebrities. Recently, there have been many celebrities joining the Bape Sta series for entertainment. Let's take a look at these celebrities' Bape performances together


  Star BAPE Footwear Collection! Wang Junkai, Liu Haoran, Xu Lu'anqi

  After the season change, of course, consider buying new shoes! Recently, many celebrities have performed BAPE shoes on their feet, such as Wang Junkai wearing a pair of BAPE on his birthday; Liu Haoran also saw BAPE's figure in a recent set of locomotive style photos. Today, let's take a look at the same shoes as male and female celebrities!

  Wang Junkai, Liu Haoran, Xu Lu, An Qi Zhai Xiaowen Bape Sta White Green Zhai Xiaowen launched the Bape Sta series this week, featuring a classic shoe design with patent leather and color blocking, making it an important element of the Bape Sta, exuding a street vibe.

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