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bape sta reps× VANS Reshapes Classic Collisions Bring Out New Ideas 🔥

Aug 02, 2023 | bgosneakers. | Hot Sale Reps | 0 | 12 | 0

  Vans, the original Extreme sport footwear brand, and bape sta reps , a street brand in Ura-Harajuku, Japan ®  Collaborating, both parties will launch a joint shoe and clothing series based on the street culture and creative self-expression spirit embedded in the brand's genes, redefining the classic.

bape sta reps×  VANS Reshapes Classic Collisions Bring Out New Ideas 🔥

  Since 1993, BAPE, born in Shibuya, Tokyo ®  It has always been rooted in street culture. At the beginning of its establishment, it mainly produced limited edition T-shirts. Later, it became widely known because of the iconic camouflage pattern, and gradually developed into one of the world's famous street clothing brands. It has become a synonym for expressing creative self-expression with attitude and design, realizing the vision of spreading Japanese street culture to all parts of the world. This time, Vans x BAPE ®  The joint shoe and clothing series selects Vans' classic Sk8-Hi 38 DX and Old Skool 36 DX shoe silhouettes, and innovates them with creative design techniques. Among them, the Sk8-Hi 38 DX shoe is composed of a variety of color schemes and customized ABC camouflage prints, cleverly spliced between color schemes and prints to create a unique mix and match style; The Old Skool 36 DX shoe features textured suede and canvas fabric as the base, with BAPE on both sides of the waist ®  Representative ABC camouflage printing design. It can be seen that this time it still includes the classic Old Skool and Sk8-Hi, among which the Old Skool adopts BAPE's iconic camouflage green dress on the shoe body, which should be a style that many players want to get started with. The other Sk8 Hi is crafted in the form of camouflage stitching, with a large number of contrasting colors, making the upper extremely colorful. In addition, there is a pair of Sk8-Hi shoes that feature Vans' classic black and white checkerboard design on the outside of the shoe, presenting a unique style of co branding. Currently, BAPE and Vans have not yet announced a new joint branding launch plan. We will continue to monitor and bring follow-up reports as soon as possible.

Reason for planting grass: good quality and low price, high cost performance. You can get a pair of Co-branding BAPE sneakers for less than 1000 yuan. Aren't you impressed? To say the most sincere brand in co branding, Vans is definitely the seed player in the voting!

  Not only are co branded themes comprehensive, covering trends, fashion, art, music, and more. Moreover, the design is very meticulous and outstanding, and the most important thing is that the pricing is particularly solid. They basically follow Vans' own pricing specifications, so they almost always sell out quickly, both well received and well received.

  This morning, the new wave of co branding between Vans and BAPE was gradually launched in China. I'm not sure if you have successfully obtained it

What are the styles of bape sta reps x vans New Co Branding?

  This co branding includes two shoe styles, "Sk8 Hi 38 DX" and "Old Skool 36 DX", as well as a set of "co branded T-shirts".

  The Sk8-Hi 38 DX features an asymmetrical mandarin duck color scheme, featuring BAPE's most recognizable multi-color ABC camouflage pattern. The details also incorporate Vans checkerboard elements, unleashing a vibrant visual impact and a strong street vibe. The more you look, the more you like it.▼ BAPE x Sk8 Hi 38 DX (¥ 749 RMB)

  The streamlined silhouette of the shoe, complemented by suede, lychee leather, and canvas stitching, creates a rich texture expression.

  The inner part of the tongue is adorned with Vans and BAPE logos, and the leather lining also highlights the impressive specifications of the joint brand.

  You don't need to put too much effort into getting on your feet to be very impressive.

  Easily becoming the focal point of the entire outfit, turning back on this tight grip.

  Another Old Skool 36 DX is interpreted with BAPE ABC green camouflage.

  Paired with suede and canvas fabrics, the visual expression is more pure and unified. The matching co branded T-shirts are presented in two versatile colors: black and white.

Has it been released bape sta reps x vans New Co Branding yet?

  Presenting the co branded shoes with eye-catching prints on the back is absolutely irresistible for those who love the design on the back of T-shirts. At present, Vans x BAPE's brand new co branding has been launched and released on multiple channels between Vans and BAPE this morning.

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