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jordan 4 black canvas reps: A Classic and Versatile Fashion Choice

Jun 04, 2023 | bgosneakers | Jordan 4 Reps | 0 | 8 | 0

  It has been over thirty years since the birth of the jordan 4 reps , and with Michael Jordan, it has captured a series of classic moments. Its classic shoe shape and numerous well-known color schemes have always been highly praised by shoe fans. This time, Jordan Brand brings a new color scheme that is highly similar to the popular shoe Eminem x Carhartt x Air jordan 4 reps- the Air Jordan 4 Retro SE GS "jordan 4 black canvas reps". Let's get to know each other together

jordan 4 black canvas reps: A Classic and Versatile Fashion Choice

What is my personal opinion on these shoes?

  It has to be said that this "Black Canvas" gives me a sense of visual appeal to the three way co branded shoes of Muye, Nike, and Carhartt, especially the material used for the upper. Like Muye co branded shoes, it uses canvas material to make the overall shoe look slightly softer. The overall color scheme of this AJ 4 "Black Canvas" is made of solid black, steel gray, and flame red

  Except for the lack of joint logos on the tongue and heel, this upcoming Air Jordan 4 "Taupe Haze" is almost identical to the TS x AJ4 "family and friend limited". The overall shoe incorporates the popular "mocha" color scheme into the suede upper, making it impeccable in both appearance and texture. The toe of the shoe is specially treated to give a burst effect, and uses burst texture leather and black plastic support at the toe, tongue, lace eyelets, collar, and other positions.

  At the same time, the laces and bright red Jumpman logo, as well as the tongue lining create layered details. The midsole adopts a black front and white back design, and the gray brown suede upper is paired with black details, complemented by cracked material toe caps, red flying figures, and other finishing touches. In addition, this pair of shoes is equipped with a special shoe box with a brown elephant print design style, which directly fills the high-end feel of the entire pair of shoes.

Canjordan 4 black canvas reps be worn for running?

  Although the jordan 4 black canvas reps shoes have high performance and stability in the basketball field, they are not specifically designed for running. Therefore, for long-term or high-intensity running activities, it is recommended to choose professional running shoes to provide better support and cushioning.

  Although the jordan 4 black canvas reps shoes have comfortable sole and upper materials, their design mainly focuses on stability and athletic performance on the basketball court. Its sole structure and cushioning technology are not as focused on absorbing impact and providing foot support as professional running shoes

How about its sole?

  Sole: The sole is made of wear-resistant rubber material, which has good grip and durability. Especially the support structure of the front and heel parts of the sole can provide additional stability and cushioning, making the wearer more comfortable and confident during exercise.

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