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yeezy slide bone rep vs pure white reddit

May 26, 2023 | bgosneakers | yeezy slides reps | 0 | 13 | 0

  Recently, there have been many hot topics on Reddit about yeezy slide bone vs. pure white, and many netizens are struggling to choose between yeezy slide bone and pure white. We don't know the difference between them. Let's discuss them together today.

yeezy slide bone rep vs pure white reddit

What is the difference between yeezy slide bone rep reddit  vs pure white ?

  So my girl is looking for white yeezy slides reps and from pictures online, Bone seem to be closest to actual white. I feel like we’ve ruled Pure out due to its beige color, but as we look at photos online, it seems like the colors of Bone seem to range from white to more of a creme color. I also noticed that there’s an older version and a 2022 version, which one is closest to actually being white? We’re just very confused.

  First release is closest to white but isn’t as comfortable, 2022 restock is more cream and way more comfortable Don't know about the original but I got a pair of the 2022 bones, and it is definitely beige not white what are you thoughts?

you can see the difference in yeezy slides reps color?

  Their differences are not significant and difficult to distinguish, so it is important to carefully observe them, especially in brightly lit areas where it is difficult to see their differences

What Colour is the yeezy slides reps bone?

  The Yeezy Bone Slide is a mixture of white and cream, providing a unique hue over the entire slide. The easiest way to describe this colour is exactly as imagined by Kanye and Adidas themselves - 'Bone'.

What are the new color schemes for the adidas Originals yeezy slides reps family?

  Adidas Originals recently released three color schemes for the yeezy slides reps series, namely YEEZY SLIDE PURE, YEEZY SLIDE RESIN, and YEEZY SLIDE CORE. The SLIDE PURE, which focuses on the warm gray series, adds a new cool choice for trendsetters who love the YEEZY series. The three YEEZY SLIDE series released this time continue to be made of lightweight EVA foam with portability and durability. The insole with a minimalist logo is both comfortable and has a certain amount of elasticity. The iconic serrated outsole also provides good flexibility and stability for daily wear. As a new aesthetic label, YEEZY SLIDE continues Kanye West's minimalist and unique aesthetic style. Its integrated design not only breaks traditional design styles, but also gives the shoe a higher recognition and texture. The YEEZY SLIDE series of shoes has been released on the adidas CONFIRMED app. YEEZY SLIDE PURE will be available in full size for adult and toddler versions, while YEEZY SLIDE RESIN and YEEZY SLIDE CORE are only available in adult versions.

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